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Eyelash Extensions: Long Eyelashes

Updated on March 4, 2013

Eyelash Extensions Kits

“The eyes are the window to the soul” is the saying that is passed down from generation to generation and is commonly used today. A majority of females in modern society are always looking for thicker and longer eyelashes creating big sensual eyes. Whether it is to boost confidence level, attract a mate, to avoid the morning routine and hassle or any other reasons one can thick of eyelash extensions is an amazing revolution to the beauty industry.

There are many different methods and types of eyelash extensions available on the market which can make looking for the right method and product for an individual frustrating and confusing sometimes. Some of the most popular methods of eyelash extensions will be explained and analyzed so consumers can get a better understanding of the product. It is important that consumers get the right information before they get eyelash extensions done because if the wrong product, method, or application is used then it can ruin your real eyelashes and possibly your eyes, which would, sadly, be the opposite of improving the eyes.

Most women knows the simple ways of improving their eyes with mascara and temporary fake lashes, both of these methods are cheapest and it does work but it is more work which can be annoying. Mascara is great, but it can smudge and clump together which is unattractive, and looking for the right one can be a long process and expensive; buying different mascara to see if it is the right one for you. False lashes is a decent way to extend and thicken lashes in an inexpensive way, the only downside to this method is having to do this every day, if you want to look the same every day. Also, these lashes only lasts a few usages so if this method is considered then you will need to stock up on fake strip lashes.

The most natural way to creating fuller and longer eyelashes is using hair-growth serum that is made to help and encourage the growth of eyelashes so they can naturally be longer and fuller. The cons of this method are that you will need lots of patients because it can take a while for the lashes to start growing long and thick enough for there to be visible results. Also you will have to do extensive research to see which one actually works for you, since everyone reacts differently to different products, and also make sure that it does not have any unwanted side effects like causing skin irritation.

One more way to create the illusion of more luscious eyelashes is perming your eyelashes. This will last up to 4 months. This process uses glue and curling utensils to curl your eyelashes just like perming your hair. Although this does not add length of thickness to the eyelashes, it does create an illusion of lashes being longer because of it naturally curling up.

The most expensive way and the only permanent way of extending and condensing your eyelashes is an eyelash transplant. This procedure will have to be performed by a doctor under anaesthetic a and the cost of this is approximately $5000 and up since it is a surgerical procedure. Usually people that have permanently lost their eyelashes will get this procedure done but it is an option is you are willing to pay the price.

I will not go into too much detail about the 5 methods above since this article is about professional eyelash extension. I will later write an article about each of the mentioned methods of exaggerating, intensifying, and beautifying your eyes through the enhancement of your eyelashes.

Getting eyelashes extension done professionally looks the best in the shortest amount of time as long it is done properly by the right person, with the right products, and the right method. Usually there will be two different ways that is available at the salon for professional eyelash extension which is applying the each individual eyelash one at a time and applying a clump of eyelashes at once both of these methods are semi-permanent. Most salons do use the single lashes which it is a long process and more expensive. The clump way is cheaper but it is less healthy for your natural eyelashes and also it will not last as long because if it were to fall out, it will fall out the same way it was put in, in a clump. The reason that clump extension (also called flare) is not as healthy because it is a strip therefore preventing new lashes that want to grow in where the clump of eyelash extension is applied.

Single lash extension is natural and fast to enhancing your eyes, but then the upkeep can be quit costly. But since the individual eyelash, which is either synthetic extensions or real hair extensions, is glued onto the base of each individual eyelash, usually with a natural glue substance, it will not damage your natural eyelashes. You should ask what kind of natural glue substance the technician is using because knowing that it is waterproof is a good thing since it means you can wash your face and can go swimming. But keep in mind that even though it is waterproof, always exposing the eyelashes to water can wear the glue down more. The maintenance for both single and clump eyelash extension can be a bit bothersome since if you want to the lashes to last long you will have to be careful with it otherwise it will fall off. Most salons will say that it lasts up 6 – 8 weeks because it is the life cycle of your natural eyelashes and it should fall out naturally with your natural eyelash. But remember all your lashes do not grow at the same time, so they will fall out at different times including soon after you leave the salon if some of your natural eyelash is at the end of its growth cycle.

Some of the maintenance regarding eyelash extension will include not wearing mascara (if you must then waterproof mascara should be avoided because it can deactivate the bonding agent of the extension glue as well only start the mascara from middle to tip), not using eyelash curler (if you must use a heated curler instead because a regular eyelash curler can pull the eyelash extensions out), touch ups will have to be done every 2 – 3 weeks, water should be avoided for 12 – 24 hours after the eyelash extension has been put in, avoid sauna’s and hot steam, avoid running water directly on your lashes (example is facing the shower), go not perm your eyelash extensions, and do not pull your lashes (actually it is probably best you touch them as less as possible). If you wear make-up you will also have to be very careful around the eye area, which you should be to begin with since the skin around the eye area is so delicate. It is recommended that you a cotton swab and oil-free make-up remover to remove any make-up around the eye area. There still may be other do’s and don’ts that your chosen salon will advice you but these are the basic upkeep that you should follow to keep your eyelash extensions in as long as possible and looking great.

The cost of eyelash extensions is usually anywhere between 75$ - 175$ and this depends on the amount of individual eyelashes and length you want to use to enhance your eyes. The length of time for the process of eyelash extension application is anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours, if it is less than one hour then it is usually not single eyelash extensions but the clump extensions since that process takes a lot less time. As you can imagine the why individual eyelashes will take way more time then the clump extension. Also each touch-up of every 2 – 3 weeks will cost anywhere 50 – 70 dollars.

Going out to get eyelash extensions by a professional technician can is pretty expensive over time if you are planning to get this done on a regular basis (although not recommended because your eyelashes need a break from extensions being bonded to them all the time, it can result to traction alopecia which is your eyelashes falling out). An option to cheaper eyelash extension is getting a do-it-yourself kit which you can buy in stores or order online, you can find this is both clusters (clumps or flares) and singles. This will most likely last 2 weeks or so since the glue is most likely not as strong. Some popular brands are: Xtreme Lashes, Adrell Duralash, Lavish Lashes, Oasis, MAC, and NaturaLash. Again these are just some of the top brands and there are many other brands on the market and different people will like one brand over the other for their own personal reason of why. On top of the inexpensive price there is also the convenience time of when you want to apply the when you want to touch up the eyelashes.

The best way to choose the best method way for you is test the different methods.  This is just a guide and will help but remember its like test driving a car you may hear all the wonder things about it but until you actually sit in the car and try it out it still may not be the perfect car for YOU!! =]


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    • profile image

      sasabeauty 3 years ago

      Hi great blog by you .The information but eyelashes are very handy i will surly use it Thank you so much for the post .

    • profile image

      MaryJane 6 years ago

      I didn't know u were writing articles now T. lol Looks good!

    • tina.wong profile image

      tina.wong 6 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      i have tried and they make your eyes look amazing! i love them so much. but the only down side to it is i think that it pulls out my real eyelashes when i dont care for it properly. =[

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, I have never used false eyelashes, I think I would lose them! lol seriously, great info, cheers nell