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Ezzy Lynn: London's Socially Responsible Fashion Company

Updated on July 17, 2015
Photos from @ezzylynn Instagram, compiled by Joanna Lupker
Photos from @ezzylynn Instagram, compiled by Joanna Lupker

Ezzy Lynn

Ezzy Lynn is a social enterprise founded just over a year ago by Sonja Fernandes, Samantha Laliberte, and Bianca Lopes. These three ladies met and graduated from Western University. Upon meeting, they immediately knew they wanted to start a business together. In May of 2014, Ezzy Lynn was born. Ezzy Lynn is a lifestyle brand that sells apparel and accessories that have been handmade from vegan and upcycled materials. Their products are locally sourced within Ontario and made by workers from Goodwill Industries Centre for Social Enterprise and the Environment. And just when you think this company couldn't be anymore more socially responsible, their selling platform has a partnership that directly supports the WWF Canada by symbolically adopting endangered animals. In fact, each product is specially inspired by one of these endangered animals and the sales of that product is dedicated to rescuing said species.


This trio of ladies has already made a huge impact in this short amount of time. They've sold over 4000 units of product worldwide which has saved 40 endangered animals.

Future Plans

When these women aren't hard at work in their new office space at Propel, Western University's Student Entrepreneurship Centre, they can usually be found at the latest music festival selling handcrafted scrunchies and flower crowns. Their amazing line of products can be found and purchased online at Be sure to keep an eye out this fall when the company begins their plans to offer a line of clothing targeted for young business professionals. This will be quite a change from their recent line of skirt sets and crop tops, however, it is a sign that London's local Ezzy Lynn is here to stay and its success will only keep growing. It's been a pleasure to be apart of Ezzy Lynn's brand ambassador program and I personally cannot wait to see what their bright future has in store for them.

Volunteer Brand Ambassador,

Joanna Lupker


This company has also seen astounding brand awareness. In this past year, Ezzy Lynn has obtained over 5000 followers on social media and has been featured in Business London Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and Notable, just to name a few. They can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat under "Ezzy Lynn".

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