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Updated on March 22, 2011

You can Do It Yourself :)

As a florist I save the Flower Girl accessories for my last task when I’m putting together wedding flowers. The truth is some wedding flower work gets tedious like making twelve boutonnieres all exactly the same so a Flower Girl basket or head- piece is usually unique and I save it to do last.

Flower Girl baskets are easy to make. Any kind of small basket works. Some brides want their flower girls to carry a basket of petals to sprinkle. This is pretty for an outdoor wedding but may not be a good idea for inside, as petals can stain carpets and floors. A white aisle runner looks messy after flowers have been trampled. Flower baskets for carrying rose petals can have ribbon on the handle, or flowers around the brim leaving space for the petals.

Baskets that are designed to look pretty and not function in any way are to me the most fun. They can be decorated with a simple satin bow or fresh flowers. If you decide to use fresh flowers you may need a water source to keep the flowers fresh until the ceremony. Start with the mechanics of the basket by securing a water source on the inside of the basket.

Take a small block of wet florists foam and wrap it in heavy foil. Tape it securely to the inside of the basket. Cover this block with greens to hide it. Then add your flowers. For this little basket with red flowers over the handle I used a long stem of mini ivy and inserted the stem in the foam then wound it over the handle. The flowers on the handle were glued. To keep them from wilting I encased the entire finished basket in a air tight bag , misted it with water and put it in the cooler. This basket was intended for flower petals so plenty of room is left to fill it with petals.

Other baskets can be more elaborate.The second photo is a basket strictly for looking pretty and has all the flowers from the bridal bouquet incorporated in the design, including orchids, bella donna and hypericum berries. There are two water sources on each side to allow the stems to go in opposite directions and flow from the brim of the basket.

The blue and white basket also had two water sources for these fragile flowers, which included hydrangea, delphinium and freesias. White flowers petals were added for the Flower Girl to throw.

This white eyelet basket from Martha Stewart collection is cute without any decoration and I didn’t want to spoil the pretty fabric by gluing, so I added a little flower tail to match the Flower Girl’s hair wreath. I suspected this cute little girl would want to keep her basket so I put a plastic liner inside to keep the rose petals from staining.

All you need to create a pretty basket is some imagination, some pretty flowers and ribbon, a little foam and some floral glue helps also.



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    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Hi B. Malin. Thank you for reading my hub. Most of the things I do are EASY


    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      I loved your Hub on Baskets...I am not talented...I know how to buy, and put together a lovely home, but when it comes to making things...HELP. However I just might try after reading you Hub!