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Famous Fashion Designers in Cochin ,Kerala

Updated on February 20, 2013

Influence of Fashion Designers

Fashion is a changing factor in the world. The life of a fashion is very short. Fashion has too much influence on individuals. In other words fashion is the key factor which determines the lifestyles of people living in the world. The value of fashion in the world of business is too great nowadays. The total credit of these fashions really goes to fashion designers who are considered as the real sculptors of the prevailing fashion. The process of changing fashion trend in the world has become a regular cycle nowadays. This has increased the importance of fashion designers too much.

The speedy arrival of fashion to the city has doubled the work of fashion designers. They must have come across these fashions before the users come to know it. Then only they can launch such fashions when people are in demand of that. Hence, the fashion designers must be familiar with the up to date prevailing fashion. Since fashion is reaching very fast in Cochin we can say that the fashion designers in Cochin are very keen on up to date fashions.

Who Interested in Latest Fashion Trends in Cochin

In our state Kochi is the prestigious city from where we can see the latest fashion prevailing. We can see people from Ernakulum and Cochin are working everywhere in the world. This is one of the reasons that we can point out easily for the speedy transference of fashion to Cochin.

Other reliable reason is students. Students will be interested in latest fashion always. These latest fashions they prefer to follow from the Hollywood movies they use to watch. The prevalence of Television every where in the world is the other suitable reason for the spreading of fashion and styles.

All these factors do their roles properly to spread fashion to Cochin within a short span of time.

Fashion Designers in Cochin

If we are telling about fashion and fashion designing the role of Kalyan sarees, Kalyan silks and Kalyan Jewelers are to be mentioned first.

Kalyan Silks in Cochin - Textile Fashion Trend Setter

Regarding textile goods, they launch latest fashioned sarees and other cloth items to the market than any other cloth merchants. The specially designed sarees that we can purchase from Kalyan sarees in Cochin are not available in other textile centers. These points out the dedication and hard work of textile designers who works hard to bring highly fashioned textile goods for Kalyan Sarees. Together with fashion the textile company is not ready to compromise with the quality of their goods. They always prefer to highlight quality of their products as well as fashion. This is the reason as to why their sarees and other textile goods are highly exported to other parts of the world. Moreover their designers are highly qualified and well experienced in the field of textile designing. Hence they need not think for a second time to introduce a fashion on textile products.

Kalyan jewelers in Cochin - Jewelry Fashion Trend Setter

Regarding jewelry items the designers in Kalyan jewelers are worldly reputed people. They launch latest fashion jewelers with respect to the taste of the customers. Their jewelry items are highly reliable with respect to quality and fashion. This is the reason behind their developments and diversification everywhere in Kerala. Thus, Cochin is very much thankful to Kalyan Textiles and jewelers for launching latest fashion in the midst of people.

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A markerKalyan Silks in Cochin -
Kalyan Silks, Hospital Rd, Shenoys, Ernakulam, Kerala, India
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B markerKalyan jewelers in Cochin -
Kochi, Kerala 682001, India
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Traditional Wedding Costumes Preferred by Kerala Designers

A wedding costume is the most memorable and special garment in a woman’s life time. For the same reason the girl and her family take keen attention while selecting the bridal costume. A wedding costume should emphasis on traditional culture. A bridal costume should be exotic and attractive without being difficult to use. Traditional costumes are still preferred more by the brides of Kerala. On a wedding day the main attraction of all would be the bride and she should look the prettiest. The wedding costumes play a great role in making the bride look gorgeous. Different kinds of costumes are used by the brides of each religion.

Christian bridal costume

White colour saris are traditionally worn by the Christian brides in Kerala. A white coloured veil is also included in her dress that gives her a graceful look. Veils are beautifully decorated with lace, seed pearl and rhinestones. Wedding gowns are also used by the Christian brides instead of sari. Stylish wedding gowns are meticulously chosen by Kerala brides mainly from Kochi. Gowns with sleeves are preferred by Kerala brides. The white colour costume of a Christian bride makes her look like an angel.

Hindu bridal costume

Hindu bridal costumes are mainly bright coloured saris. They give much importance to heavy gold jewellery that makes the bride more attractive. Kanchepuram saris are mainly preferred by brides for this auspicious occasion.Marine colours, earthy shades, blushing pinks, subtle pastel shades are mainly selected for saris. Set Saris with matching blouse piece are also worn by brides today. The `set-sari` has got much resembles with the traditional `mundum neriyathum`. The only difference is that it consists of a single piece of cloth. Attractive necklines, noodle straps and fascinating embellishments are included in the blouse.

Muslim bridal costume

It is customary for the bride of a Muslim family to choose bright colours for the costume that is to be worn by her on the wedding day. Usually saris made of rich fabrics like velvet or silk normally worked largely in gold brocade or cuts are preferred by Muslim brides traditionally. Lehngas are also used by the brides. They usually select strikingly bright shades for their costumes. A head dress or dupatta is a must along with their costumes. They are usually decorated with fine laces that enhance her attractiveness.

The bridal costumes form an important part of the society of Kerala. Which ever the religion may be, a wonderful wedding dress provides royalty and elegance to the bride. Red colour is traditionally accepted by the brides of Kerala. Many contemporary designs now accompany with the traditional styles of bridal costumes. The main thing to be noted while selecting a bridal costume is whether it suits her or not. A wedding dress of modern design with embroidered ethnic perfection offers the best dress for a traditional marriage.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi H P Roychoudhury,

      Fashion designers have the ability to set fashions according to trends and people run behind such trends. Thanks forcommenting.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Fashion is the expression of own desire and inner mindset which is exploited by the clever traders. It is because we like to live with a descent fashion of desire even though it differs with individual love of taste.