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FAST Shampoo and Condituioner is the solution to a bad haircut!

Updated on January 30, 2015
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FA.S.T Shampoo

About a month an a half ago I was a victim of a haircut that went terribly wrong. My hairdresser cut my hair about two inches too short and I felt like my face was too big for my hair! I needed a fast solution that would make me feel hopeful about the future of my hair. I tried some shampoo's that claimed they made your hair grow faster but they didn't work and dried my hair out. One day I was browsing a hair related message board and came across this incredible product called F.A.S.T shampoo by a company called Nisim. This shampoo contained no sulfates, parabens and DEA and helped hair grow it's maximum length in the minimum time. I have to say it totally worked! I measured my hair that normally grows a half inch per month and was overjoyed to see that my hair grew a half an inch in just two weeks! That was twice as fast as it normally grows!

I did a little research on the company Nisim and am happy to say that everyone had such amazing things to say about their products. I'm pretty sure there most popular product is their Fast shampoo, many people thought it was stellar and one of the best hair growth accelerating products on the market. Many people like it because it's sulfate free and contains Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy (F.A.S.T). It contains 100% natural herbs and essential amino acids which are healthy for your hair. You just use it as you would your previous daily shampoo and it starts working immediately. You can use it with your everyday styling products and it's only about $30 for two ten once bottles of the Fast shampoo/conditioner duo.

Pros: I think this stuff is both magical and is a miracle worker. My hair was well moisturized and grew twice as fast as it normally does. My daughter has a sensitive scalp and had no problem using this product. She was begging me to get her expensive hair extensions, after she started using this product she didn't need them anymore! This product is also for people who want the long, silky, and healthy hair look really fast. I am overjoyed that I found it and would never purchase another brand of shampoo that claimed to grow your hair faster.

Cons: I really wish it came in different scents. I like the way this product smells but I would love to have it in a few different scents. Usually hair products as powerful as Fast shampoo aren't scented but I wish they were!

F.A.S.T Conditioner

I have hair that tends to get really dry and I have to be careful that my daily conditioner adds moisture. Fast conditioner adds all of the moisture I need along with working side by side with the Fast Shampoo. I feel better when using Fast conditioner because I know it also accelerates your hair growing abilities and maximizes your results when used along with the shampoo. Of course it smells great just like the shampoo. I only needed a quarter size of the conditioner and it went a long way in making my hair feel silky smooth. It also does not contain any sulfates parabens and DEA. After using Fast conditioner even on the hottest and most humid day in July my hair still felt silky smooth and didn't frizz out! This product also did not aggravate my daughter's sensitive scalp and was very soothing in the shower. The chemicals in this product did not irritate my eyes when being rinsed out and it also reduced breakage after everyday use. After using it for about a week a few of my co-workers actually commented that my hair looked really silky!

Pros: Overall I really like Fast conditioner. The fragrance and the effectiveness won me over big time. It will be my conditioner of choice on those months when I decide to use Fast Shampoo.

Cons: The container it comes in took a little bit of time to squeeze the conditioner out of. The price of this product is really reasonable compared to other brands that didn't work as well!

My final words

I'm a total fan of Nisim's Fast shampoo and conditioner. I will be purchasing both of these products many times in the near future and will be telling my friends about this great line. Nisim is a great company that started in 1993 and sells their products throughout the world. They take pride in making products that contain herbs and are more beneficial to your hair. Nisim is based out of Canada and they manufacture another product called Kalo which inhibits hair growth. One unique fact I found out about the company Nisim is that the word Nisim actually means "miracle" in Hebrew. You may purchase Nisim products and also find out more information about their promotions on their web-site.


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