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Updated on January 10, 2014

Scam linked to DR Oz on Facebook

The article appears to be written in Good Housekeeping online. The phone numbers as they will appear on your banking statement will be individual l numbers per product. The free trial is not a free trial and the coupon I filled out just had a box to check if you were over 18 years of age.

You will receive the trials in a white box with no Company Logo, there were no email confirmations, and just an address on the box. Two weeks later your bank account may be overdrawn when these Companies charge your account full price $ 192.00 for this product.

When we saw the charges in our online account and freaked out, I tried calling their numbers and foreign people would hang up on me. I found the main Company and we spoke to a person that said I joined a membership when I checked the box.

I did not cancel my membership that I never knew I had, so they charged me $ 192.00 for the products. The Company will pay half back for this issue but will not accept the unopened product for the rest of the refund. HALF BACK WILL NOT DO IT!

I see many skin products and free trials through Good Housekeeping using Dr Oz and others to push these undisclosed free trial offers. The coupon was fast enough to take my small amount for shipping the free trial but directed me to no other website or revealed any other information.

I will not allow them to rip off any more consumers, as I will file a complaint against their Company. I want full disclosure upfront, then it is the consumers choice to take the free trial or not. They are little slimy sneaks that will sneak into a bank account behind your back to secure money for their product. Shame on You! I want the rest of the money you will owe me in the amount of $ 98.00.

same type of scam here
same type of scam here | Source


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