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Fabulous Frilled Lace Shirts For Men

Updated on December 13, 2009

A gentleman of taste who likes a little ornamentation on his clothing is frequently disappointed in modern times by the lack of choice he is afforded in the clothing department. The modern trend is to dress men as if they were automatons, interchangeable by definition, and very plain to look at. Yes, the modern trend is to mute men's fashion to the point where all men look the same. One could claim that this is an attempt to somehow curb male individuality and redirect fashion originality towards the female of the species, who being pretty well ineffective in all other areas of life, can apparently be trusted with bright colors, frills, bows and other items of glitz and glamor, but I believe it is more likely a reflection of laziness on the part of men who, less consumed with (and judged by) their appearance on average, are quite happy to wear any old shirt that fits.

Just because many men would be quite happy running about in sack cloth, those men who are more fashion conscious should not be denied the joys of frills. One way that men can reclaim frills and lace for themselves is to wear shirts that sport frills down the center, or which sport lace upon the sleeves. These types of shirts do tend to traditionally be reserved for formal occasions, cabaret appearances, and swashbuckling on the high seas, but there is really no practical reason why a man cannot incorporate a lovely frilled shirt into his everyday attire.

Though some might claim he looks feminine as a result, others may find that instead he looks rather debonair. Fashion is about expressing oneself. It serves no real function aside from that. If we were simply concerned with warmth, we could all bang about the place in seal skin dresses, but we don't, because that would not be an attractive personal statement.

When we look at fashion as being a form of self expression, we can allow ourselves to dress more freely, and we can look at ourselves as others might see us. What does it say about a man when he wears precisely the same sort of clothing as all his peers? Does it imply a reassuring sense of conformity? Perhaps. Perhaps it does attract people who seek a traditional, dare I say, cookie cutter lifestyle. But if one is seeking excitement, a point of difference, and the strength to buck current fashion trends and social morays, then a man in a frilled shirt is sure to be attractive.

So then, wear what you want, whether it be a penguin shirt, a technicolor dream coat, a frilled shirt or a tutu. The world needs your brightness, your vigor, your daring fashion statements to counteract the forces of dull that threaten to overpower us at any moment.


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    • profile image

      Contrarian 5 years ago

      Since this was written at least two years ago, I'm sorry to be so late to the party. I have to disagree. Men are no more likely than women to dress as automatons, even though the feminine color palette may be brighter. Women are encouraged - nay, pressured by anonymous social forces to dress according to current mores at least as much as men are.

      Why else would anybody wear six-inch heels?

      Women are encouraged to flaunt it (if they got it). Men are encouraged to look as if they don't give a rat's ass. They're all pretending that they're sticking it to da man if they look like they just crawled out of bed and threw on whatever was on top of the not-so-dirty pile. And yes, there is some comfort in looking just like everyone else.

      Don't kid yourself that the same isn't true for women. Who do you know who feels comforable in the killer cocktail dress when everybody else is in jeans?

      Personally, I'm probably no different from anyone else, although I don't know too many people who regard a suit and a necktie as everyday wear. Not that I wear a suit every day, but it *is* the default.

      It's interesting that what used to be the badge of conformity is now a radical departure from it. If you don't think so, wear a suit anywhere that isn't work or a wedding.

      In fact, I was accosted the other day by a (female) acquaintance wondering why I was "dressed up" on a Saturday. I wasn't even wearing a tie, just pin-striped slacks and a solid lightweight suit-jacket. Maybe it was the ruffled shirt.

    • profile image

      sammie_sidesaddle 8 years ago

      Oh,la, la. Where do you get all these great photo's from darling. I want to blow up that pirate and hang him on my wall. Or at least let me........ I cant imagine anyone saying that this model looks feminine. He is all man! Debonair is a great word. Thanks sweetie, another good one.