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Face Primer Benefits: Your Next Beauty Staple

Updated on August 22, 2013

Make-up artists always liken the face to a painter's canvas. Your face needs to be clean and moistened for a smooth surface, and only then should you apply your foundation.

Clean and moistened, you say?

Most women clean their face with a facial cleanser and then a tinted moisturizer for extra coverage. After this, they apply foundation. Well ladies, you're missing out on the fourth and most important step: the face primer.

The Beauty Product You Can't Do Without

There's a beauty product on the market that most women can't do without. No, I'm not talking about foundation, but foundation's best friend: the face primer.

Face primers have gained in popularity over the past few years as women learned more about their benefits. If you haven't used one, you'll be surprised by the coverage it provides when applied before your foundation. The first time I used a primer, which was just last year, I noticed the difference immediately. It nearly perfected my foundation and left my skin flawless.

The Primer Polishes the Face for your Make-up Application


Benefits of Using a Face Primer

I briefly mentioned the benefits of using a facial primer: perfect, flawless skin. It almost sounds too good to be true. But there are other benefits worth mentioning that will turn the face primer into a beauty staple.

  • Primers brighten your skin and creates a natural glow.
  • Most primers act as concealers to hide blemishes, fine lines and pores.
  • Most importantly, primers keeps your make up on longer. This is perfect for the summer when your make up wants to melt off.
  • Most primers offer moisturizing properties.

And the other reason women use them is because...

Limit your Make-up Routine to the Essentials

Primers + Foundation create a natural glow so you don't HAVE to pile on a ton of make-up to look naturally beautiful!
Primers + Foundation create a natural glow so you don't HAVE to pile on a ton of make-up to look naturally beautiful!


Use a primer to eliminate many steps in your morning make-up routine. You won't need a moisturizer, under eye cream, SPF cream (if you purchase SPF primers) and finally, you don't have to seal your foundation with a translucent powder.

The only necessary steps when using a face primer are:

1. Wash your face with a cleanser
2. Apply your primer
3. Apply your foundation

What I also find when using primers is that I don't need a lot of make-up to create a "naturally stunning" appearance. As a team, the primer and foundation work perfectly together. I eliminate bronzers, eye shadows, and sometimes even blush. Of course, I'm not telling you to completely change your make-up routine when you buy a face primer: but for those days when you want to look good without the effort, primers offer the convenience of committing to just three steps for your make up routine.

Silicone Face Primers

Silicone Perfecting Facial Primer
Silicone Perfecting Facial Primer | Source

Silicone Primers--Ugly Ingredients, Beautiful Results?

Among the most popular primers on the market are silicone primers. There are two ingredients within silicone primers which make them so popular. The first ingredient is found in many hair care products: Dimethicone.

According to Sarah Mones from Simplicity Cosmetics, Dimethicone is commonly used for it's texture.

"It's a silicone oil that has a silky smooth texture and when applied to the skin, fills in the fine lines and basically creates a thin layer over the skin to give a smooth base for make-up," Mones said.

The second ingredient is Cyclopentasiloxane.

"[Cyclopentasiloxane] is a very thin silicone that is commonly paired with Dimethicone. It thins out other silicones to make them easier to apply to your skin," Mones said.

While these ingredients sound great and do their job by creating the "flawless" look I mentioned earlier, Mones cautions that these are unnatural ingredients and should be used with discretion.

"When I first considered primers, I kind of dismissed the idea," Mones said. "They aren't natural and I usually keep my line all natural...But primers are something that a lot of my customers use on a regular basis."

Silicone Primers Fill in Fine Lines

Silicone primers fill in fine lines, and create a thin base for smooth make up coverage
Silicone primers fill in fine lines, and create a thin base for smooth make up coverage | Source

Bottom Line: Use Silicone Primers with Discretion

These ingredients are not natural, and those who suffer from acne should avoid using silicone primers often. The Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane may aggravate the problem.

For everyone else, keep in mind that primers should be used with more caution than pure mineral cosmetics. Although I like to promote natural beauty products on Hubpages, as Mones stated, silicone primers are very popular and most of us can't do without them. Mones adds silica powder to her line of primers to help absorb extra oil during the day. This allows the make-up to last longer.

So again, if you want extra coverage and a smooth texture, don't be afraid to try silicone primers because you will notice and love the difference! But since I do promote natural ingredients like Simplicity Cosmetics, the cautions can't be ignored.

But let's be real: the beauty benefits can't be ignored, either!

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"Once I created this formula, I had five people test the primer that regularly use brand name primers," Mones said. "They all came back with rave reviews about how silky their skin felt and how long their make-up stayed on."


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