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Has FaceTime and Skype Influenced an Increase in Cosmetic Surgery?

Updated on July 26, 2012

Social Media Sites and Cosmetic Surgery

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Cheek Implant on the Rise because of FaceTime and Skype

Who would have thought that advancements in information technology would drive some people to realize certain facial issues? Enter FaceTime and Skype into the mix, and you have individuals who are becoming more conscious about the way their chin looks.

FaceTime and Skype is basically an avenue where you can chat with love ones, where you can view each other on your own phone during calls. This led them to the realization that their chin is actually giving their faces a rather unattractive shape creating the impression that they have gained weight.

The common problem is the chin area and that space immediately behind it. This increased the demand for chin augmentation so that jaw lines will become more defined. This particular procedure is either done alone or along with a group of facial procedures to create a symmetrical profile.

The reason why people tend to have double chins is due to excessive fats that gather immediately behind the chin or just below the jaw line. Other factors include aging and the declining skin elasticity impairing the definition in the area.

These areas are gaining attention especially during FaceTime and Skype video calls and it creates the impression of premature aging.

That is why chin implant surgery cases have increased in the United States roughly around 71% back in 2011 as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The report also showed that there is a large percentage of men having the procedure done compared to women, with a total of 10,600 and 10,100 respectively. This rate if increase is so impressive because it even overthrew the reigning procedures such as liposuction, breast implants and Botox.

The need to improve work success particularly within the baby boomer population is also another driving force that led these individuals to get chin implants. The age group which have the highest number of increase are those within 40-50 years of age.

For younger the younger adults, those who had chin implant done are usually between the ages 20-29. This population had a total of 2,750 procedures done in a year.

However, despite that fact that it erases years off your face by creating more definition to your jaw line, it also aids in improving your overall appearance especially when done in conjunction with other facial surgeries. Rhinoplasty and cheek implants being the usual procedures where the results can be enhanced by chin augmentation surgery or a chin implant.

This procedure done together with chin augmentation surgery creates more symmetry and harmony to the face. Just imagine a small nose surgically enhanced but is rather small in relation to the chin. This still doesn’t paint a pretty picture, right? A receded chin creates an imbalance in a person’s overall appearance.

The good thing about chin implant is that it doesn’t really need to be highly invasive. With just a minor incisions carefully made just behind the chin, it will already suffice for the entire operation. This also makes any scarring less detectable.

However, only a highly experienced and skilled surgeon will be able to pull this off without a hitch. That is why; you need to be extra cautious in choosing the surgeon that you should trust, because their expertise determines the success of your surgery.

A successful chin augmentation result does not highlight the chin but rather it makes it more fitting to the entire facial profile. It enhances the appearance of the lower third of the face and it is also able to enhance other facial cosmetic surgery.


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