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Thinking About Botox?

Updated on August 14, 2016

Getting Botox for the first time.

Thinking About Botox?

I’ve always wanted to try facial fillers, so I made an appointment with a surgical technician to try some Botox. At the time, I had some knowledge about Botox and I‘ve heard lots of horror stories. For the most part, I understood the way Botox worked. It ‘freezes’ the muscle and it you are not able to use those muscles injected. I thought to myself what the heck, let’s do it. The surgical technician was a friend of mine, so she did not charge me full price. I went to her home office and I just couldn’t relax, I was very nervous, jittery and having second thoughts. Finally, I sat up in her chair and said “ okay, let’s do it”. She followed all safety protocols like cleaning my forehead with rubbing alcohol and setting up her work area and then she was going to put gloves on and I grew annoyed. I told her just do it already and then I saw a small needle coming to my face. Another one of my friends looked on and took pictures of me as she made fun of me for whining and for being a baby. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt anyone else that bad but I thought it was very uncomfortable. She injected me between the eye brows, and forehead. She kept saying “stop squinching your forehead” but I just couldn’t. Finally she was finished, I was relieved and she took more alcohol pads to wipe away tiny spots of blood. It was a relief the ‘pain’ was over and I didn’t notice a difference right away. My friend advised me it would take a couple of days to see any results and she was right. Approximately in about 2-3 days, I noticed the lines in my forehead disappear. I had no more lines in my forehead and I wasn’t able to move my forehead at all. All of the muscles were frozen like she said. It was a dream come true. I felt young and fresh. I could have a conversation, be surprised, my audience knew I was surprised and there were no lines! I enjoyed this new venture and wanted more. After about 2 months, it wore off. It was a slow process, but I was still very happy with the results.


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