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Facial Rollers

Updated on May 28, 2013

What is your beauty regime worth if you don’t have a smooth, supple face that looks great? You would have possibly heard of facial rollers. However, you might necessarily be sure of what they are. We bring to you, a guide to understanding the facial rollers. They are super easy to use and their results can be remarkable for such a simple device. Firstly there are two types of facial rollers one is a kind of massager that gives all the benefits that you get from a proper hand massage in a more convenient and effective way the other is also known as a derma, skin or micro needle roller and has very fine needles that put tiny holes in your skin to stimulate regrowth and younger looking skin, this article is about the smooth massaging type. The facial rollers are small, handy and portable massaging devices that are normally used for the cheeks, chin and/or the neck.

They can be made of plastic or more exotic materials such as jade or quartz, plastic ones are cheaper and perform the mechanical action as well as any other material however the crystals such as jade or quartz are better conductors of heat giving a more pleasant cooling effect and you could always keep it in the fridge to give an extra cooling effect. Manufacturers claim various special properties It is quite relaxing to use the smooth facial rollers. You just have to clean your face and let the massager roll all over your face for getting the right kind of relaxation feeling. It enlivens your whole face including your forehead, your eyebrows, cheeks, chin and your jaw. Your complexion would improve drastically and you would also feel fresher and calmer after this. Your skin will start glowing instantly and you would not even have to use any other creams or moisturizer or compacts to get the glow. It will be natural and quite adorable and you would love the way your skin shines after regular usage.

The facial rollers normally go for acupressure on your face. This means that all the right points of your face that make your skin healthier and look better are activated. It is known to improve the color and tone of your skin. Your facial muscles will also tighten and your skin would also tighten up for some instant refreshment after a long day at work. And why only after such a day? You can use these facial rollers as a regular beauty regimen partner every morning and get ready for a day full of numerous activities and excitement.

There will never be a better way to pamper yourself if not for these facial rollers. You will just have to dedicate a few minutes per day and see how some skin pampering results in a rosy glow. However, you have to be really careful while using these rollers. You need to work with slow and steady upward and downwards motion, long sweeps starting at and working away from the centre. Make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure or use it in any other way. In such a case it might cause pain. So be careful and get some great skin in a jiffy.


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