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Facts about Hair

Updated on June 17, 2010

Some hair raising facts, some not.

Hair professionals, Hollywood, teenagers, our parents continually remind us that our crowning glory is our head of hair. There are thousands of choices for us to make at the supermarket, department and drugstores to help keep our manes in the best possible shape known to man.
But how many of us know why we have the hair we have ( besides hereditary ) ?

There are 100,000 hairs on your head.  Hair grows about one half inch a month; but is known to grow faster in hotter weather.  Amazingly illogical ! One would think the opposite is true because more hair in the cold might help keep us warm. Your hair keeps growing until it reaches its natural length. Peoples's natural length of hair varies from person to person and may range from 6 inches up to 15 inches! This explains why some people may need a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks while others may only need a trim every four months.

Type of Hair Straight Wavy Curley ( Check one of each )

Hair Color Black Brown Red Blonde

Type of Scalp Normal Oily Dry Dandruff

Your 100,000 hairs grow out of 100,000 holes in your scalp! These tiny holes are called follicles. Straight hair is round , wavy hair is oval and curly hair has a flat shape . Under the microscope you will see that the shape of your hair matches the shape of your follicle.

Split ends are a sign of mistreatment. You may have exposed your hair to too much sun, chlorine . You may be using rubber bands that are too tight or not made specifically for use in your hair. The proper rubber bands come in different sizes and are usually coated with a soft rubber material to protect the shaft of the hair. Dandruff maybe a sign of lack of rest , over-active oil glands, tension or even an inadequate diet. Hair that is falling out may be a sign of incorrect brushing , a poor diet and even heredity. There are over-the - counter vitamins that are relatively inexpensive and can be taken to help stop falling out hair.  It is always wiser to take this easy preventative step first to alleviate this embarassing problem. If after three weeks to a month of taking the vitamins and you see no change then you should look into more expensive methods of saving your locks.  Also, a trip to a knowledgeable doctor may be in order.

Type of Hair and the correct way to care for it.

There are four basic types of hair. They are oily , dry, fine and coarse.

Oily hair. Shampoo once a day or every few days. Use a lemon or vinegar creme rinse. Cover your brush with a piece of gauze to spread the oil.

Dry hair is lusterless , brittle and is hard to manage . Shampoo only once a week or every ten days. Creme Rinses are now made to moisturize but always use one.  Brush your hair daily but gently and give your scalp a daily massage.

Fine hair is too limp and won' t hold a set.  Shampoo with a mild product.  Use a body building or volumizer creme rinse .  Brush gently and use a very light hair spray. Too strong of a product will end up causing breakage.

Coarse hair is usually wiry and stiff.  Shampoo as needed at least once a week. Use any type of creme rinse but always creme rinse.  Never buy a product that coats your hair for extra volume. Your hair is thick enough!  A good daily brushing is essential.

Normal hair could also be considered a type of hair.  I do not know too many people with that kind of hair . Shampoos are made for that choice and surely we all have our favorites.  But if you take the time to really evaluate the type of hair you have, when buying these products, you will guarantee better results.

As we age and as we take medications our hair type may change. This is especially true after chemotherapy for example.  Please reevaluate your hair type before you go buying new products.


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