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Facts to Remember about Piercing

Updated on May 30, 2012
body piercing
body piercing | Source

People can pierce soft tissues of their bodies and place different objects in these holes for various reasons: for example, the ancient Romans used the rings, put through their nipples in a rather practical way, fixing with them their cloacks.

The art of piercing

Nowadays the art of piercing is going through its second birth. Thanks to the efforts of some authoritative masters of haute couture (such as Jean Paul Gaultier) it has gradually transformed from the category of “cheeky” punk stylistics into the rank of a rather fashionable way of body decorating: the services of piercers became asked for among people, not suffering from unproductive escapism and those who are perfectly adopted to real life. Of course, the view of metal, standing conspicuously in pierced navels, nose wings, ear lobes and tongues of pop-stars and other cult personalities just couldn’t leave the rising generation of earthmen indifferent – and the popularity of piercing began to grow very fast.

The procedure of piercing

From the medical point of view, the procedure of piercing is not a difficult matter in technical respect. Of course, if the piercer is skilled enough. However even the most experienced specialist can not feel secured against side effects and complication. Every client has unique anatomical features of the blood circulation system, so, no one can predict the degree of risk of a troublesome bleeding, especially when speaking about the piercing of any zone, which is rich in blood vessels. Even more pitfalls are hidden in the immunologic reactivity of a client. Inflammations, edema, allergic and paraallergic reactions during postoperative periods can reach considerable degrees and sometimes become life-threatening.

For example, a full-blown and swift edema of a pierced tongue (paraglossia) can cause serious problems with respiration. Moreover, infections in the mouth cavity (which are rather unpleasant themselves) can lead to very undesireable consequences, up to toxic shock syndrome and blood poisoning (sepsis). Defects of diction, the possibility of breaking of teeth with the “decoration”, penetration of this decoration into respiratory tracts – all this together with forementioned problems gave rise to a keen criticism of piercing by the British Dental Association.

lip piercing procedure
lip piercing procedure
lip piercing procedure with needle
lip piercing procedure with needle
tongue piercing procedure
tongue piercing procedure
lip piercing procedure with needle
lip piercing procedure with needle

Facts to remember

You must not trust the procedure of piercing to your friends even if they have a diploma in medicine. Don’t try to make a piercing on your own as well. Don’t treat your piercing with any alcohol-containing agents, except the cases, when such treatment is recommended by a specialist (very rarely for an initial handling of navel, nose or eyebrow chloramphenicol or hydrogen peroxide is recommended).

Try to take some food before visiting a piercing-salon, in order to avoid dizziness and asthenia, but don’t drink any alcohol-containing drinks.

You should make a piercing only in “official” conditions – in licensed body-art salons (don’t try to save money, consulting “home self-taughts”). Having come to the master, don’t be shy to inquire about his method of sterilization of instruments (he must have at least an autoclave at his disposal – this type of sterilization is practiced by the members of Professional Piercing Association).

Make sure that the body jewelry, which is going to take place in your skin or other soft tissues in the nearest future, is made from biologically inert metals – gold, platinum, titanium or surgical steel (here again you should not try to save money). The adornments should also be disinfected. The piercer must give all necessary recommendations concerning the “conducting” of as preoperative as postoperative periods, including explanations of pros and cons of piercing of this or that part of body and peculiarities of their sanitary treatment.

The piercer should be available for a further consulting in case the manipulation would be not successful, or any other complaints appear. And, of course, you should not forget that if something goes wrong, you must see a doctor. And you must do it as soon as possible – in such situations every hour can be important.


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