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How to apply the Beauty Ideas?

Updated on March 1, 2013

Less is More...

Barely there
Barely there


Ladies, have you noticed exactly how many different ways there is to glamour applications?

I know I have, with all the beauty up keep in various styles, designs, and seasons. Definitely will expect to see new make up techniques. There is also, a wrong and correct way of make up application. Further more, it would really depend on the individuals preferences on what kind of look they are seeking. (i.e: a day, night, work and anytime look).

We need to take into consideration that "Beauty is Skin Deep", meaning that your skin needs to be well hydrated by water and healthy eating habits. Those are major essentials for overall natural beautiful skin and glow. It is also very important to cleanse and moisturize the skin before any application or removal of makeup. For instance, you wouldn't want to cover up a dirty face, simply because it would likely be prone to blemishes due to clogged pores and the same goes for removal of makeup.

Below you will find:

  • Applications
  • Tools
  • Tips
  • Seasonal Changes

The main key : Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and from within.


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winged looksglamourousdefined looksmokey lookcolor of eyes
winged looks
winged looks
defined look
defined look
smokey look
smokey look
color of eyes
color of eyes


  • Eye Shadows: you have various shades and glitter to choose from, go for the ones that compliment your eye color.Keep in mind of your skin tones. Select the light shades or naturally color blend with your skin for day or anytime look. For night, go more for the shimmering and drastic colors to make your eyes stand out more.(example: smokey look)
  • Eye Liners: these also come in different colors, liquid or powder. Day time you may only want to apply in the corners of upper or lower edge to give that open eye look.For work or everyday you may only want the top or bottom look. For a more glamour or night time approach you may want to go for the cat eye look.
  • Mascaras-will come in waterproof, lengthening, full and thickness effect formulas. They also come in few standard colors.This application defines and makes your eyes stand out Lacking lashes, you may apply your falsies then apply the mascara afterwards to blend them evenly with your natural ones. Remember never to pump the brush which forces air into the tube causing clumpy and dried out formula.For the bottom lashes, take a small plastic spoon under lashes before applying.

8 basic brushes you need

1. Foundation brush 2. Concealer brush 3. Fluffy powder brush 4. Blush brush 5. Small blending brush 6. Flat eyeshadow brush 7. Precision angle brush 8. Lip brush
1. Foundation brush 2. Concealer brush 3. Fluffy powder brush 4. Blush brush 5. Small blending brush 6. Flat eyeshadow brush 7. Precision angle brush 8. Lip brush


  • Brushes
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Various Shades of eye Shadows
  • Eye Liner
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Lip Stick/Gloss

Remember, clean brushes to fight against potential bacteria and breakouts!



Make up does expire, so be sure to note when purchased last on the following:

  • Mascara and liquid eyeliner – 3 to 4 months
  • Foundation and concealer – 6 months to 1 year
  • Lipstick and gloss – 12 to 18 months
  • Lip pencils and eyeliners –18 to 24 months if sharpened regularly
  • Eye shadows – 12 to 18 months
  • Nail polish – 2 years

Pick One

What is your style of make choice?

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Change it Up

It is essential to change your beauty routine for Spring/Summer months. Your skin requires less coverage, so you can swap the heavy stocks for lighter and sheer ones. Hint, to keep eye make up from running and/or smudging; as a result of heat and mugginess opt for smudge proof products.


The information I went over above are simply the basics of beauty ideas. Like I declared in the beginning, there are a numerous techniques and various glamour applications available out there to help you with your specific needs. Yourself will know what works best in creating a more beautiful you. There are some individuals out there that possess natural beauty and then there are some that can not go anywhere or have anyone for that matter see them without any coverage. Whatever the factor is , always remember that beauty comes from within and truly skin deep.

(Make Up is an accessory to ones face as clothes, jewelry, shoes and hand bags are to style).

Remember the key is fresh and clean

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