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Fake Bake Flawless Self Tanning Liquid Review with pictures!

Updated on March 16, 2012
$15 on Amazon
$15 on Amazon | Source

Product Description

Fake bake Flawless claims to give an effortless and perfectly even tan. The self tanner contains a cosmetic bronzer which shows where the product is being applied. The formula dries fast and claims to not transfer onto clothes. Flawless has a tropical scent and contains no artificial preservatives or parabens.

What's included in the box?

- 6oz bottle of Flawless

- Self Tanning Mitt

- Pair of Rubber Gloves


I applied this self-tanner at night since it needs to be on for a minimum for 6 hours before washing it off. I put on both rubber gloves and used the self tanning mitt (this way my hands are protected if the liquid leaks through). The application mitt is doubled-sided, a velvet side and a foam side. I prefer using the velvet side, as I feel the foam side is rough and does not spread the product as well. It says to spray the liquid onto the mitt but I find no problems with spraying it directly on my skin.

Once the liquid is sprayed, you have to work fast! This product dries quickly which is one of the great things about Fake Bake. The color guide helps to see where the product is applied to avoid streaks. I find it easier to apply the self tanning liquid to the mitt before doing ankles, feet, hands, and face. Total application time took about 10 minutes.

A natural golden bronze tan.
A natural golden bronze tan. | Source


In the morning I woke up looking like a mud monster, this is mainly from the bronzer that washes off once you shower. During my shower, I lightly exfoliate my ankles, feet, and hands, to wash off any excess. After I dried off I applied moisturizer to prolong my tan.

The final result was a beautiful bronze tan. The color is very natural and not too dark (Fake Bake is buildable and can be applied a few nights in a row for a darker tan). The tan was even and not streaky. I love the end result!

What I found after the 2nd and 3rd day is that this tan fades fast. This is inconvenient for me because I am an on-the-go person. I like a self tanner that last 5-7 days. But this self tanner is so easy to apply and very affordable, if you have the time to apply it every 2-3 days I would definitely recommend this self tanner.


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