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Spot a Fake Tokidoki Bag

Updated on August 27, 2010

Buy a Tokidoki Bag

When buying a tokidoki bag online, you want to make sure that you get an authentic bag, unless you really don't care, and then buy whatever you'd like without worry of whether it's authentic or fake.

If you're concerned about the authenticity of the bag, I have several tips below that include signs of a fake tokidoki bag and signs of a real one. Basically, the opposite signs of fake bags are what is typical of a real bag.

Another key tip to keep in mind, is that these bags are created in limited numbers, so if you find a seller online that offers multiples of the same bags, there is a good chance that the seller may be offering fake tokidoki bags and purses. Also, keep in mind that most fakes are coming from sellers in Thailand, and most fakes will be sold at super cheap prices.

The best source of tokidoki purses and bags online besides the official website is eBay. Although, there can be loads of fakes, you can now tell the difference between the fake and authentic bags. If you get in a fake bag, contact the seller to have a resolution figured out. If the seller cannot figure out the proper resolution, you can always contact eBay, who will have your side as long as you can provide proof that you were told you were getting a real tokidoki bag and received a fake.

Signs a Tokidoki Purse is a Fake

The Qee- all Tokidoki purses, bags, wallets, and accessories come with a tokidoki keychain toy. (Do keep in mint that the Braccialettos do not have the Qee toy attached.)

  • If the bag doesn't of a Qee toy
  • If an Adios keychain (released in the fall of 2007) is attached to the on a keyring with a chain.
  • If the bag is listed as new with the tags still attached, and the Qee isn't covered in plastic, as then the tokidoki Qee should be wrapped in plastic if the bag or accessory is brand new and never used or messed with. (Keep in mind that sometimes, the wrapper may come off by accident, but it is still a caution if the wrapper is not around the keychain.)
  • If the bag has a tokidoki qee from a later season with a first generation print. (First generation bags do not have the qee with the white face.)

Real 2006 tokidoki qee
Real 2006 tokidoki qee

Outer Signs- To include outer hardware and patterns.

  • The bag doesn't have the decorative chain.
  • The zipper is made of plastic.
  • The hardware isn't the correct color.
  • Carabiners that are attached to the bag will only have 'LeSportsac' stamped on one side
  • If the bag doesn't have round zipper pulls with the tokidoki characters engraved on them.
  • If the hardware is the same color as the past season's hardware, but the print is a new season print.
  • The strap doesn't have 'LeSportsac' logo repeating across the length of the strap.
  • The trim around the logo is a different shade than it's supposed to be. In many cases, the logo will have a darker color, and the trim will be lighter; in a fake bag, the colors may be reversed.
  • If it says "Flower' Spring" or "Prosport" instead of "tokidoki for LeSportsac."
  • The colors are faded, dull, or bleeding outside of the lines.
  • Fakes may have made up prints and styles that never existed.
  • The characters will be placed incorrectly on the print.

Inner Signs

  • There is a zipper pull on the inside that says Lesportsac.
  • There is an inside tag that says 'made in the USA' (all tokidoki bags are made in China.)


  • The auction or seller can't tell you or doesn't include the bag's name or style number. Or, the style listed isn't the same style that is posted for that particular bag on the official tokidoki website.
  • Tags are stitched in a white or black thread.
  • The tags do not match the style or print of the bag.
  • There isn't a product number.
  • The price is too good to be true.

Signs of a Real Tokidoki Bag

Outer Signs

  • The zipper is made of metal and is multi-colored. (Scuola backpack style bag doesn't have rainbow zipper).
  • Brightly colored.

Inside Signs

  • The inside zipper is plastic and matches the inside lining.


  • The underside of the zipper head will say "riri" + M6.
  • Carabiners will be stamped with 'LeSportsac' on both sides.
  • All tags will be stitched in a metallic thread.
  • All hardware color changes every season.

Tokidoki Blog
Tokidoki Blog


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