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Fall / Autumn fashion basics / clothes and essentials to add to your wardrobe

Updated on November 25, 2011
Cute and warm fall fashion with sweater and tights.
Cute and warm fall fashion with sweater and tights.

Fall is a very good season for fashion. It is not so hot that you can only wear a thin tee and shorts, but not so cold that you have to wear layers and layers of clothing. Fall is the season for fashion boots, sweaters, jackets, blazers, dresses and etc. In this hub, I am going to talk about Fall / Autumn fashion items that you should get to look stylish for the entire season.

Loose sweaters – a loose sweater is a very gorgeous piece of clothing that every girl should have in her closet. It can be wore off the shoulder and create that subtle sexy look without showing too much skin. When the sweater is long, you can convert it into a dress by using a belt. The belt changes the sweater into a dress and defines your waist. You should wear it with some heels / boots to look even more polished.

A very causal sweater for Fall
A very causal sweater for Fall
Off the shoulder sweater creates that subtle sexy look.
Off the shoulder sweater creates that subtle sexy look.

booties (ankle boots) – These are boots that stop at your ankles. These boots are very popular and in style for a few seasons now. You can pair them with lots of clothing and look chic / modern. You should get studded booties and wear them with black leggings / tights. It will look ultra edgy.

Jean jacket – The jean jacket is a great outerwear for the Fall. It is just enough to shield you from the slight chill in the morning and night. It is also a stylish piece that you can use to pair with other clothing. The jean jacket can look great with all sorts of tops, dresses and shorts romper. It is really a great piece to have in your closet.

Blazer – A blazer is essential for the Fall season. It is slightly more formal than the jean jacket and adds a level of sophistication to your entire wardrobe. If you are going for a more mature or office professional look, the blazer is a must. A black blazer is the easiest to wear for many occasions.

This blazer is very good for the office
This blazer is very good for the office

Fall dress – A Fall dress is a dress that is darker or made of thicker material. The dress is very appropriate for Fall when you wear it right. You should keep yourself warm and fashionable when you wear a thin dark colored dress with leggings / tights, boots and a little jean jacket. It will look causal yet put together. For a thicker and more structured Fall dress, you can pair it with a blazer. That whole outfit would be very chic and appropriate for the office.

Cardigan – the purpose of the cardigan is to keep you warm and fashionable for Fall. You can wear a cardigan over almost everything. To look good, you should get at least a few different cardigans to match all your clothes that you wanted to wear for Fall / Autumn.

Leggings / tights – leggings / tights will keep you warm and fashionable. You should always wear either a long top or a dress to cover up your behind. Lots of girls think that legging / tights can be wore as pants. Nothing is further from the truth, it will show your body parts that you normally don't want people to see. Keep it classy and tasteful.


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    • amy11692 profile image

      amy11692 6 years ago

      Loved this hub! I actually picked up a couple of pieces this past week!