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The World Famous David Beckham Hairstyles

Updated on November 28, 2011

David Beckham as Footballer

David Robert Joseph Beckham is known as an international footballer and also for what is famously called the David Beckham hairstyles. He is a thirty six year old professional soccer player from England and is currently under contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team in the major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States of America.

As a midfielder, he also has played for Preston North End, Manchester united, Real Madrid and A. C. Milan soccer clubs. He has had a long stay as at the English national team and holds the all time appearance record as a midfielder in the national team.

As a fashion icon, he is sought after by many including hair stylists. His collections of trends are awesome. The icon has had an assortment of contrasting fashion on his head.

Mohawk Hairstyle

The most memorable of the fashion popularized by the footballer is however the Mohawk that he had on for the 2002 FIFA World Cup held in Korea and Japan. This is a hairstyle that is shaved on the sides and at the back with short hair remaining at the center of the crown of the head.

Military Haircut

Another famous style associated with the icon is the military haircut known as the crew cut and is very appropriate for men who prefer hair that is easy to care for. This cut is achieved by trimming the hair using a scissors to by measuring the cut almost to the width of a finger from the scalp for those with long hair. After that, electric hair shears are used to clip the hair close to the scalp while the crown of the head is left with hair.


The player is known for having hair that reaches up to his shoulders and looking unkempt although the style gives him flexibility and matches his appearance. One style that he spots is the ponytail. He usually pulls his hair back into a half ponytail or sometimes into a third ponytail.

Slicked Back Hair

He also uses a plastic headband with great effect by pulling his hair back from his face and letting it flow freely at the back. More recently, he has had what is known as the slicked back fashion which he wore to a basketball game in Los Angeles.

Faux Hawk

Sometimes in 2005, he had a hair style known as the faux hawk and also the fohawk. The faux hawk is done by combing the hair to make it look like a small fan Mohawk although the sides are not trimmed. The hair around the faux hawk is generally very short and for this reason it is called a fauxhawk or a Mohawk that is fake.


One memorable time was when the star wore golden braids also called as cornrows which he spotted as he captained the English national team. Because of this, cornrows became quite a favorite with many of his fans in England to this date.

Curtain Bangs

The younger David wore a straight hairstyle and this was called curtain hair. He has lately been wearing his hair short. David Beckham hairstyles have changed so much over the years. Nonetheless he has some very outstanding hair trends compared to other soccer players and his hair techniques are unique.


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      6 years ago

      Thanks. Like the shaved mohawk look. Think I mght try it myself.


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