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Famous Emeralds

Updated on October 22, 2011

Precious stones have a rich history. All round the world in royal families, these stones are considered as charm of beauty, elegance and class. All in the known history and recent times, wearing and gifting of these stones is considered as a mark of standard, high class elegance and charm and beauty.

All precious stones are expensive and all the fine cut ones are sold on higher than the expected price. Even to this date from all known history, the fine cuts of the all precious stones are auctioned and sold to higher price bidder. One of the most expensive and most valued out of all these precious stones is Emerald.

Emeralds are a green colored stones. Chemically speaking, emeralds belong to the family of mineral beryl. The green color of emeralds is the because of the high proportion of chromium and in some the high proportion of vanadium. 

The Gachala Emerald is one of the largest gem emeralds in the world, at 858 carats.
The Gachala Emerald is one of the largest gem emeralds in the world, at 858 carats.

One of the reasons that emeralds are considered as precious and are highly expensive is that they have very low resistance against damage or breakage.

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, the emeralds stand at 7.8 – 8 (on the scale of 10). It needs very proper skills to cut the emeralds and take it out as a single piece.

The name Emerald is derived from its middles English name Emeraude and the French name Esmeraude. In Arabic it is called ‘Barq’ and in Hebrew it is called bareqeth which means lightening. All other remaining languages it is either resemble with its color, green; or with shine and lightening.

Like all other gem stones, the value of emeralds is decided on color, clarity, cut and crystal. It more it score high on these four C’s, the more precious stone would be. Every piece to emerald is cut using very fine skills and checked for proper and brighter color and clarity with eye in order to make it a flawless piece.

Some of the world famous emeralds are discuss below:


Mogul Emerald

Moguls are known as one of the world’s top and highest ranked royal family. They have given sub continent a vast collection of different treasures and gemstones. The stone is Mogul Emerald is another beautiful memory of glorious Mogul Era.

The emerald is one of the largest emeralds in the world. It is estimated to be 200 Carats. This gorgeous emerald was sold for the price of 2,000,000$ in the auction that took place in New York.

Mogul Emerald is actually a rectangular tabloid in shape and displays beautiful Islamic ayahs, prayers and there are also beautiful flowers engraved in it.

The emerald was actually discovered in Colombia but its historical origin is from the era of one of the most glorious and the last of the Mogul Rulers, Emperor Aurangzeb.

The Chalk Emerald is another famous  Colombian emerald weighing 37.82 carats.
The Chalk Emerald is another famous Colombian emerald weighing 37.82 carats.

Crown of Andes

Some of the most beautiful pieces of emeralds are embedded in the crown of Andes. The effort required in the making of Crown of Andes included the total of 24 goldsmiths and gem experts.

The Crown was made from a 100 pound piece of gold and 447 emeralds were embedded in the Crown. There is a legend that artisans of Popayan, Columbia made this crown in the honor of Virgin Mary for delivering the town in the tough times of Plague.

The legend has it that Virgin Mary reduced the spread of Vermin and stopped it from entering the town, in return to show their gratitude the artisans of towns made Crown of Andes to honor Virgin Mary. In spite of all this, the crown was never worn by member of the royal family. 

An emerald crystal from Colombia
An emerald crystal from Colombia

Patricia Emerald

The Patricia Emerald was found in the chivor mine in Colombia in 1920. This beautiful emerald is named after the daughter of its owner.

What makes this emerald so special except for being one of the largest uncut emeralds is that, Patricia Emerald is twelve sided while most of the emeralds in the world are six sided.

Though Emeralds are found even in America and Siberia but Colombia is still the biggest source of mineral.  

The Duke of Devonshire Emerald.
The Duke of Devonshire Emerald.

Duke of Devonshire Emerald

Like many other precious and beautiful emeralds and gems this emerald was also discovered in Columbian mine outside of Bogota.

This was presented to the sixth duke of Devonshire, William Cavendish by the Emperor Dom Pedro I of Brazil. For many years it remained largest uncut emerald, it weighs 1383.95.

It is a gorgeous looking emerald that is deep green in color and transparent in some areas. This fine cut piece of emerald is place in the Museo de Oro in Bogota, Colombia. 


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      Rizwan And kashif 

      8 years ago

      this is a very out standing blog that you have been the posted. every objects is very great.please keep it have a very nice day.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 

      9 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Beauty and culture is above money.


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