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Crystal Accessories as Social Ambassadors

Updated on July 13, 2016
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Publishing music and books since 1992. Love Beagles and taking on more than I can manage; but wouldn't do otherwise.

Tranquil Crystal Journey

From Sequins to Swarovski Crystals

It Went Like This


A friend of mine sews her own costumes for dance competitons. "You can sew sequins faster than anybody I've ever known!" I said.

She said, "What about Swarovski's?"

Wow! How did we get from sequins to Swarovski's, I wondered; and, What are those and do they have holes in them for sewing?

She waited patiently with her head cocked, but I had no idea what a Swarovski was. "Those would be good," I said.


Until I received the bangle bracelets, I had not thought to learn more about these dazzling crystals. Maybe I'm the only one on the planet who didn't know, but I have since acquainted myself with them.

I still do not know if they have holes in them for sewing onto garments.

Pathways to Peace of Mind


Your Experiences

Have you had similar experiences when wearing sparkly accessories?

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Bangle Bracelets Bring Smiles

How it works

Wearing sparkly fashion items made going out in public more pleasant for me after a prolonged period of time on a job where I had little social contact. Regaining confidence to return to a public life was a struggle.

My sister has a way of choosing perfect uplifting gifts. She got the gift-giving gene which I apparently lack. I am an abysmal gift giver, but she has that special something about sizing up a situation and sending the perfect gift to balance pain with a measure of pleasure. A set of three bangle bracelets embedded with crystals was her choice gift of balance for me.

As soon as I opened the package, I saw little bundles wrapped in tissue. What could she have sent that is small enough to fit into the mailbox? I asked myself. I unwrapped the first packet. It was a square golden box. Right away I knew she chose the perfect gift, but I held the box for a long moment before opening it. There, under soft padding was a sparkly bangle bracelet!

The crystals went to work right away, casting beautiful colors onto the stark white walls, opening my mind and heart to new possibilities. Two more packets later, and I had three bangles: one white, another in gold, and a third in black. I wore them everywhere I went. At first I was absorbed in their special beauty; but, as time passed, I noticed something else about their influence…

The Difference

My home is in an area where Eastern Indians live and work. I walked among them during daily walks along pathways throughout the property. Without the bracelets, passing others on my walks had been expectedly brief and courteous. With the bracelets, people acknowledged me with smiles and friendly looks, as though we were connected in some way.

No matter how I dressed or what I looked like when it came time to conduct normal business with person-to-person contact, wearing the crystal bracelets smoothed things out and I swear the transactions were expedited!


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