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Paper Craft Fashion For The Dearly Deceased

Updated on August 28, 2010

It's unlikely that what any of us will miss most in the afterlife is an iPhone, or a nice pair of shoes, but what if you get to the other side of the mortal divide and discover that everyone else is fully kitted out with houses, cars and the latest in gaming consoles? Don't you wish there was a way to have the latest fashion items delivered to you beyond the veil of mortality? According to Chinese tradition, there is. What you need to do is get someone still in the land of the living to obtain a paper effigy of the items you desire and burn them at your graveside.

This is why we need to be informed of the wonderful facets and of cultures from around the world, people, because sometimes they give us the chance to release our frustrations and confront our own mortality in the form of burning the heck out of effigies.

For hundreds of years, Chinese people have been in the habit of creating paper effigies of various items that are designed to be burned by people's graveside. The idea is that by burning an effigy of an item, one is able to deliver it to the dead person for use in the afterlife. In the past, effigies of houses, maids and even cars were delivered to the deceased by way of cinders. But we live in a modern world now, and a house and a maid and a couple of cars is nice, but how are you going to take calls in the hereafter with no phone?

One enterprising young effigy maker, Au Yeung Pin Chi in Hong Kong, has brought the business of effigy making into the 21st century by creating effigies suitable for the modern deceased person on the go.  Au Yeung Pin Chi makes effigies of iPhones, Gucci purses, designer shoes, and other trend items. These effigies are preferred by those who have lost family members young.

Clothing items are not the only items sought after by relatives. Gaming systems are also popular. Amongst Au Yeung Pin Chi's projects are a pink Nintendo DS and a Nintendo Wii.  Au Yeung Pin Chi's first paper effigy product was a dance machine that sold for around $385.00.

Although expensive, paper effigies are not to be treasured and poured over. Tradition usually dictates that the effigy be taken to the graveside and burned almost immediately, effectively destroying hundreds of dollars in seconds. Then again, what's money when you're talking about eternal consumer electronics?

Story from CNN.


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