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Fashion Forecasts of 2011

Updated on March 14, 2011

Underwear-outerwear for Summer 2011 (Women)


Fashion. When we talk about it, the possibilities are endless. It can be from head to toe; starting from our hair, face makeover, dress, pants, nail sculpting, jewelries, shoes, perfume, bags and other accessories that you'll want to possess, wear and a show-off out of it. There are lots of choices this year 2011.

We tend to be fashionable or look glamorous because of our jobs, our status in society or just the heck of it if we can afford it.

Women usually, are the forerunners of fashion around the world; but men fashion gurus are heating up the competition or vice versa.

I'm sure you are familiar with the big names or brands in the world of fashion that make us go gaga every year, not to mention BIG, BIG SALES during the end of the year. 

Let me start with me, myself and I. Fashion for me is an added factor on my personality. People notices you because of the way you don your hair, wear your clothes, be it casual or formal and your perfume, too!

I'm not a richy-rich guy, but I can also compete with those privileged few if given the chance.

My  'eye' for fashion on 2011? 

Let me get HUGE help and recommendation right from the 'experts. I uploaded many videos (mostly from YouTube) featuring bigwigs in fashion around the world. 

Fashion shows, runway highlights and's here for you to enjoy.

mens fashion forecast 2011 c/o marlonartajo

Travel Man's random picks

BIg names in fashion world, these days, are branching out into other line products like perfumes, bags, shoes, jewelries and other accessories.

Aside from their expensive commissioned designs, they are also branching into RTWs (ready-to-wear dresses), most of them are operating garment factories to meet the demands of their clients around the globe.

I've known the names of these posh designers via tri-media (television, radio, newspapers). They use massive campaign to promote their products. I'm sure investors, the richy-rich businessmen, are putting huge funds for their promotions or advertisements to lure the public in buying their products.

The rivalry in fashion never ends. What stucks in people's minds are their products, whether it's in or out from the discriminating public.

For myself, I had used or presently using some of famous designer's products. I even gave some as gifts to my loved ones.

  1. Calvin Kline for underwear and perfume
  2. Giorgio Armani for perfume
  3. Carolina Herrera for perfume
  4. Giordano for shirts
  5. Versace for long pants and coat

I also admire the product lines of Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Chanel...mostly bags of my sisters, eyeglasses and perfumes.

Since I am from Philippines, I can't resist the shoes by Rusty Lopez and his sister Celine's bags. This brother-sister tandem are most admired in the country.

I also buy some Bench pants and shirts aside from their new line of perfumes. It started as local brand but is becoming known internationally, mostly in other parts of Asia.

I can proudly say that some Filipino designers are penetrating the US fashion, like Hollywood, Josie Natori who came from Naga City, Bicol (our place), dresses the most glamorous women in tinseltown.

JWTIntelligence - 10 Trends for 2011 c/o JWTIntelligence

Hottest Men's Hair Styles of 2010-2011

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Robert Pattison's Twilight lookTaylor Lautner's Straight-Thick, Prim-up StyleAla-Justin Beiber's shaggy look
Robert Pattison's Twilight look
Robert Pattison's Twilight look
Taylor Lautner's Straight-Thick, Prim-up Style
Taylor Lautner's Straight-Thick, Prim-up Style
Ala-Justin Beiber's shaggy look
Ala-Justin Beiber's shaggy look

New Talents for 2011 in Fashion Design

Curvy Women, that's what some designers have concentrated on their products, to celebrate women, especially those who are full-figured.

The names of B & Lu , Tentracosta, Missphit, Monif C., Svoboda and Sealed with a Kiss Designs are featured as top designers for 2011.

You can either choose the flashy, classy or hip designs that will be a sure eye catching one. After all, dressing up should get you noticed by your peers or prospective admirers.

Denim is an all-time fashion.

Denims will never fade. Before it's just for blue-collar jobs, but now, it trancends all occasion I used to have lots of them. It is now even incorporated as formal wear because of its popularity among teenagers or even contemporary men and women.

The denim pants I bought from of the shops in Los Angeles, California is still usable. I added some weight so, I cannot used it, like before. The durability of this Levi Strauss original competes with the latest fad in fashion.

Women can buy new tops that will easily jive with denims. Check the latest catalogue of some famous clothing distributors and you can see denims on it.

Men, like me, are not choosy about clothing. Even old, worn out denims can still be a fashion.

Have you tried it?

2011 Fashion Trends

Backstage with Marc Jacobs - NY Fashion Week Spring 2011 - ELLE Magazine

Fabulous Fashion Websites! c/o NeutraKris

Donna Karan: NYC Spring 2011 RTW c/o style

Gucci: Milan Spring 2011 RTW c/o style


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