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Fashion Icons and their Designs

Updated on April 26, 2016

Ralph Lauren


Fresh Starts

With all of the fresh breaths of air that we can take in this eye catching old take on the simple eyelet dress is a very stunning look for summer. All around elegant but playful look makes it appropriate for just about anything you have in mind for Day or Evening Flings!

Stripes are the Rage!

Although it has been said that horizontal stripes are not meant for everyone, these continue to be fabulously flattering year after year. Fresh and new look whenever you think you need to bring attention to a new you. This popular feel good design never fails to be popular as a flattering look to the waist line. Yes, we continue to think and critique who we think should never wear this style, but in this day and age there are a lot of bold and beautiful people out there that would give it a whirl. So go ahead be daring and dazzling! with the right shoes everyone is a winner.

Five Stars all the way!

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