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Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising: The Top Choice For Fashion Majors

Updated on November 21, 2012

The Fashion institute of design and merchandising (FIDM) is a top rated institution ideal for aspiring fashion designers and individuals wishing to pursue careers in the fashion industry in any capacity. The institution offers more than twenty major courses for the students with qualified and renowned teachers. The institution offers certification courses, diplomas, degrees and even advanced associate courses. The majority of students graduating from this institution have been known to build successful careers and businesses in whatever field they choose to pursue. The students are top designers, models, fashion photographers and influential players in the fashion industry not just in the United States but also internationally.


The Fashion institute of design and merchandising (FIDM) has four strategically based campuses. The campuses are located in California in the heart of the fashion industry where trends are resurrected and invented. The location of the campus makes the students studies more practical. The students are also encouraged to take up internships in the areas of their interest. Because of the location of the campuses students can continue studying while also working as interns and therefore gaining valuable experience. Furthermore, students are often encouraged to put the knowledge they learnt in class into practical and implied knowledge. This is done through simple tasks carried out in the hub of the fashion districts- California. Students from the Fashion institute of design and merchandising (FIDM)have often credited their success at work and business to the practical knowledge they gained while studying in this institution. The location of the campuses provides the best view and experience with regards to the setting of fashion trends and the running of successful fashion businesses. Many of the mentors and teachers who have become icons in the fashion industry come from these areas; therefore, the campus has the advantage of this firsthand experience and use of knowledge.


Before joining the institution, students are advised on quality products to purchase in order to make their learning experience much easier. For example for the students majoring in arts, there is software and computer packages that make designing and drawing much easier. Remember that art is a precise course that often requires the use of exceptional tools to create the contrasts and shapes that one is going for. The Fashion institute of design and merchandising (FIDM) prides itself in the ability to ensure that the student’s learning experience is easy, enjoyable and fruitful. Parents and guardians are advised on the importance of quality equipment which can also be purchased from the school. For the students who find that they cannot immediately access the funds to purchase required software and equipment, there is the tuition inclusive fees. This is where the student is given the necessary equipment and software for their learning experience, the cost of which is continuously added to the tuition fees. From the first day of class to the last therefore, students enjoy quality learning made much more simple by the right equipment and technology. Because they are well versed in the use of different technology to make work easier, the students are highly competitive in the job market.


To make the learning experience more practical, the Fashion institute of design and merchandising (FIDM)often makes use of different campus functions to exploit the raw talent and knowledge of the students. These include fashion shows and street galleries where students showcase their work sometimes as part of their required course activities. Lecturers are at hand to give advice to the students as they pursue the different projects to showcase in the campus events. The events feature designs, photographs and virtual presentations of students. Grades are earned from effort and creativity. In addition, the campus produces a magazine featuring some of the best student’s work as chosen and edited by their fellow students. The magazine is available to the public given the students more exposure to kick off their careers. The campus also has a fashion museum which is used to enrich the knowledge of the students further. When visiting the campus either as a guest or prospective student, the museum offers a great place to find not just the history of the campus but that of the fashion industry also. Some of the highly rated student’s work is showcased in the museum.

Strike A GaGa Look


The Fashion institute of design and merchandising (FIDM) accepts students from all over the world. Students travel far and wide to study at the Fashion institute of design and merchandising (FIDM)which is perhaps a testimony to the quality of education offered by the institution. The mixture of students from all races and nationalities provides the students with an opportunity to interact with different people and learn from different cultures. This is why perhaps the institution is considered a trend setter. Students attending the campus are often very compatible, able to live and work with a wide range of people. They learn early the importance of unity and teamwork, regardless of race, color, gender and nationality. This makes the students very popular especially with international fashion houses that often require people who understand the different cultures and the value that certain people place on them. This however, does not mean that the students cannot work independently. In fact most of the projects and assignments are individually produced and graded. The students are not just team player, they are also leaders who can take charge in any situation and deliver what is expected of them successfully.

Fashion Design Software


From beauty, interior design, clothes design, business administration, marketing and graphic design among others, the institution offers a variety of courses for each person. Unlike popular belief the Fashion institute of design and merchandising, (FIDM) does not just focus on fashion only; there are quite a number of diverse courses which individuals can pursue successfully.

The institution demands hard work and dedication from the students. Assignments and projects are taken very seriously and often used to determine the final grades of a student. Although there are many fun and enjoyable activities in the campus, students are often reminded that the main purpose of the school is to ensure they receive quality education.


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