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Fashion Jewelry trend: Neons How to Wear

Updated on October 13, 2012

How To Wear Neon Fashion Jewelry

Walking past the fashion jewelry chain stores i can't help but divert my attention to them, as i am confronted by an array of psychedelic colors, neon's are back. Generally these neon tones include yellow, pink, blue, green, purple and orange.

While brightly colored neon jewelry isn't for everyone, utilizing it is a great way to stand out and freshen up your look. For those who like to be noticed, a bit different, or to stay on top of current trends.

How to dress neon jewelry

As neon colored jewelry tends to look a bit 'full on', it will be the feature of your outfit. Ideally you will want to wear muted tones of clothing with it to best compliment your look. The safest and best suited tones of clothing to wear with neon jewelry are black, white and grey. You might also want to experiment with cream tones, and block primary colors.

Tones of clothing that generally won't work with neon jewelry are earthy tones such as beige's, browns, and greens. Also pastel tones may or may not work, depending on the color of the clothing compared to the actual color of your neon jewelry.

Basic styles of clothing such as a t-shirt or singlet, and jeans are the easiest things to best team with your neon jewelry. Dressier clothing that has a lot of lace, beading, sequins or patterns, is likely to cause distraction away from your neon jewelry which is not what you want, otherwise you may look confused or confusing!

Additional Accessorizing To Compliment Your Neon Jewelry

Neon shoes or a handbag that are a similar tone to your neon jewelry piece are an ideal way to further accessorize. Gold or silver tones of jewelry are also good, bronze tones generally aren't. Also try nail polish that matches your neon jewelry, and you will be looking like a splice of citrus summer, the desired effect!


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