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Fashion Revolution | Gaultier's Female Fashions For Men And Teens

Updated on June 27, 2009
Photos via Reuters
Photos via Reuters

It's super awesome when one of the paragons of the fashion world affirms what one has been saying for quite some time. The line between male and female fashions is not so firmly drawn as some might expect, assume and even hope.

Pictured is a denim boob tube for men, designed by Gaultier, and set your minds at ease, it was not the only item of female attire co-opted for masculine use on the runway that night. Gaultier's collection also included skirts, zippered for easy access, sequined bustiers barely concealed by the hard lines of traditional suits, and the trend did not stop with the proper grown ups (whoever they are), it descended into the realms of teen fashion, with an ensemble of a white hoodie, black pleated skirt with white accents and sneakers to match.

In your face, people who said men should stick to manly clothes. (Is that a little immature, rubbing it in like that? Hm? How about a nice helping of whipped FAIL on top of your humble pie laced with delicate 'your words' dressing?)

Of course, just because Gaultier, up there in his crazy fashion tower puts a few male models in skirts it doesn't mean that the fashion on the streets will change dramatically overnight. But it does mean that change is in the air. Gaultier is not the first designer to put out skirts for men, and he is sure not to be the last. Some say that designers do this occasionally as a quirky little prank then go back to making straight leg pants, but I say the incidences of men in skirts on the runways of the world are growing closer and closer together and soon, one day, the manly skirt may well become a fashion staple. One day your as yet unborn teenage son might wrinkle his nose at your old school fashions (way back in 2009, when everyone was a total nerd,) and ask where all the dudes in skirts were. And you'll laugh and look back on those times fondly or with remorse, depending on where you stand on this particular non issue. (Really, should this be an issue? No. But it's fun none the less.)

Bravo Jean- Paul. Bravo to you and to all your kin who are embracing a spirit of change. The 'Yes We Can' slogan may not have resulted in much change for the political landscape, but perhaps it has found itself at home in the world of fashion.


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    • profile image

      pauls_boat 8 years ago

      the boob tube looks bad men do not have the boobs too hold it up but even if we can get it to stay up at least shave the hair off and get some sort of tan, but the skirt looks great

    • profile image

      Fairy Mary 8 years ago

      I think you're right Hope. Gaultier is at the forefront of a fashion change that has ever so slowly been covertly sneaking in for years now. Fashion designers after all are first and foremost there to make money and when they find that there is a market willing to buy their products everyone is going to jump on board at high speed. The slow sneak may well become a thundering rush as everyone makes a grab for cash!

      And as you have time and again proved with your hubs, that market is ready and waiting despite the whines and protests of the close-minded community who believe mens fashion must be regulated.

    • profile image

      phil 8 years ago

      I have always wondered since in reality so-called fem fashions were meant to be appealing to men. Why such hubbub,when men choose to wear them ?