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Fashion That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Updated on April 24, 2013

It's fun to try new fashion trends from time to time, but once a trend has had it's day, it's time to put it away for some years and turn to your good old reliable essentials. Every women should have these reliable essentials that can be worn year after year without ever dating. You might already have some the items of clothing mentioned here, if you don't, here's how you can invest in expanding your own personal collection of fashion that never goes out of fashion.

Essential Fashion

Black Trousers

Every woman should have a pair of well fitting tailored dress pants. Black trousers are appropriate for most occasions, and can look good on everyone, no matter what body shape. You can wear a pair of black trousers with almost anything, making them extremely versatile. Make sure that your black trousers sit properly on your hips, and are the perfect length. If your short, always have your trousers taken up so that the hem sits neatly alongside the bottom of your foot. Black trousers no longer look neat & tidy when they are scuffed from dragging on the ground. Always iron your trouser pants, creased & crinkly trousers look scruffy.

Silk Blouse

A silk blouse is a perfect go to item when you're having trouble on deciding what to wear. Ideally you will have at least one white and one black silk blouse. It's a good idea to also have one in the color that is most flattering on you. You should wash and store a silk blouse will great care so that it will last for many years, silk isn't cheap you know!

Trench Coat

A trench coat can be thrown on over literally anything and look stylish & sophisticated. Trench coats most commonly come in white, black or red, all of which are classic colors that never get old. A good quality trench coat will last you a life time, and it's such a simple way of keeping warm while looking stylish on those chilly days.

Denim short shorts

Summer after summer denim short shorts are worn by many, and come in a huge range of styles and colors. Although of course i think we all know that not everyone can wear short shorts, but the majority who exercise and eat right should be able to look good in denim short shorts.

Vintage Summer Dress

Vintage! The old that never gets old, it is always fashionably acceptable to wear classic styles. Vintage style dresses always are always lady-like and flattering on most body types. There's such a wide range of vintage style dresses that every woman can find one that's perfect for her figure.


Well obviously! Who doesn't own a pair of jeans right? Although everyone owns a pair of jeans, not everyone owns the right pair of jeans to flatter their bodies. Do yourself a favour and make sure that your jeans fit you properly, if they give you muffin top, they're too small. If your constanly pulling them up, obviously they're too big. It is so import too make sure that your jeans fit properly, otherwise you're going to look more daggy than dazzling.

Pointed Toe Heel

Although some years it's an open toe that's in fashion, a rounded toe, or maybe a strappy wedge, pointed toe heels stand strong amongst all of the ever changing shoe trends. Essential is of course a black pointed toe shoe. But don't be afraid to purchase pointed toe heels in any color under the sun, have fun matching different colors with different outfits,they're here to stay.

Gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is classic and goes with everything. Rather than spending all your cash on trendy cheap pieces, save up and invest in a quality piece of gold jewelry. Gold jewelry generally holds much of it's value, so you can always sell it down the track if you get tired of it, and manage to recoup a good chunk of what you paid for it.

Certainly there are many more classic fashion that never goes out of fashion pieces. The ones mentioned here are just in my humble opinion, what i consider to be staple/essential items. Let me know if you think that i've left out something that i shouldn't have!


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