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Fashion Tips For Men and Women

Updated on January 30, 2014

Fashion for women

Types of evergreen dresses

1 Mini dress

2 Bandage dress

3 Print dress

4 Guipure dress

5 Tassel dress

6 Monochrome dress

White as work cloths

There are some basic fashion principles that haven’t changed with time, bow ties for formal events, black tuxedos, long elegant gowns that red dress, Several radical mix and match designs come and go but the trusted white shirt remains the same. Fashion tips always seem to come full circle having a rebirth every few 30 years sometimes just with a little twist, remember the platforms and loud gypsy colors the huge wigs and flip-flops each had an era yet recycled when the designers dream. Let us examine some fashion and health treatments that remain true and timeless.

White colors clothes

White colors retain their elegance no matter the era or time they are easy wear and timeless, not every body can pull of a white outfit. They can be made into a gypsy skirt or short dress, flirty and chic, sophisticated or glamorous, depending on the cut, design and style. What are the timeless fashion trends?

Work clothes

White is can be equated to corporate wear they carry well in an office environment especially when worn as a shirt over dark colored skirt such as brown black, dark blue, dark green, pink, violet or black you can wear a jacket or matching blazer same color as skirt and even include a tie. The look is powerful, famine and timeless. It lends an air of seriousness to the business environment. A white dress to work doesn’t cut it and is not advised.

Woman inelegant dress

Woman in elegant dress
Woman in elegant dress | Source

Out fits

Casual outfits

White work great as casuals dresses they stand you out from the crowd and the material can be long, knee length or flirty above the knees, they can be moderately woven and incorporated with denser white materials that cover the chest area or lower down, a shirt dress is an outfit that has withstood the fashion cycle.

Event outfits

The princess look is never out of fashion it connotes purity sophistication and confidence long ballroom gowns long dresses, red carpet and premiers the white flowing dress will always be a head turner it all depends on the creativity of the designer handling the color. You can add a modern twist by draping the body in soft lowing material that subtly reveals and accentuates the female form with a belt to define the silhouette. There is no hard and fast rule in wearing white thy can be bustles, full of ruffles, pleated or have sequins.

White and skin tone

White can work with any skin tone depending on the suitability in shade of white the more creamy the lighter the skin tone, you can add accessories a splash of color here and there or go for the classic white over black ensemble, match your undergarments with the fabric to lessen contrast or let the undergarment blend with your skin color especially if you are fair skinned. The evergreen property of white makes it very office friendly.

A black dress

 A Black dress
A Black dress | Source

Appropriate outfits

Apart from the flirty nightclub outfits which are designed for dancing seduction and free movement, choosing a glamorous party dress can be fun, over the years party outfits have gone through several changes but basic principles remain, you cam be stylish elegant and sophisticated without going over the top. Some tested crowd pleasers are listed bellow.

Mini dress

A mini dress would always turn heads if properly sown, it may come with a moderate neckline with short or long sleeves depending on the weather, a good party mini dress can have loud bright colors that stand you out in the crowd, they are built for fun yet maintains some elegance, pair it up with appropriate footwear.

Bandage dress

The bandage dress is build for only on purpose to enhance and flatter the feminine form, if you have a flat stomach killer waist and long legs you can pull of the look, if accentuates the body giving the wearer a slimmer silhouette with flirty twist, they come in endless designs, patterns and colors add a little jewelry around your neck to complete the outfit.

Dress print

Prints handle well in any occasion if the rules are adhered to, don’t mix and match prints except with a plain monochrome material, prints by themselves are loud and daring you can wear a knee length dress or and above the knees one depending on your mood and occasion, pair up the print with a clutch bag that highlights at least on of the colors of the print dress go easy on jewelry but a nice bracelet will complement the dress.

There are some ultra modern twists to the print dress like hemlines adapted to mini, floor length in same garment, shorts skirts under draped overly and prints with strong historical layouts.

Guipure dress

Not many ladies can pull of guipure dresses, they a bold and brash and the lace outfit can sometimes look odd when in loud hues, subtle tones like blue, grey, light purple and soft hues work best, the lace can be trendy or tacky depending on the way it is sown and the designer’s vision.

Sequined skirts

Sequined skirts are nice, they are form fitting simple in a demurred way, the above the knee once are flirty and can only be pulled off if you have sexy legs , you can combine your sequined skirt with a well cut top or even a peplum top or tank top, spaghetti or what ever takes your fancy. The entire ensemble can be completed with matching shoes, flats soles or high heel depending on the occasion or event.

Tassel dress

Tassel dresses are very dramatic outfits that cannot be worn by every one, you have to be confident and in great shape to wear tasseled dresses, the cut is usually over the top flashy and daring, the hundreds of flab’s can be a distraction or crowd pleaser, lean athletic women can work the dress nicely. Either full length dress/short dress the tassel dress is a head turner any day; they work with any color because the wear made for dramatic effect.

Monochrome dress

The monochrome dress unlike the tassel is more demure but can be worn for any occasion, it has a multipurpose quality that allows the user leeway to adorned the outfit both at formal or informal occasions, they are versatile and a must have in any woman’s wardrobe. To get the best out of your monochrome which could be black , white, red, blue or red accessorize by wearing a belt to render a more feminine shape, you're free to elaborate on jewelry and they the matching shoe/sandals can come with high heel or low/flat soles.

Ruffled dress

A ruffled dress is one where the focal point and emphasis is directed to a particular area they could be pleats, ruffles, ruches or ribbons depending on the designers choice of material, the dress is an attention grabber any day. The ruffled dress is edgy, daring and fun the emphasis of the ruffles usual highlights your best assets like long legs, flat rippled stomach, alluring breasts or hips. It ca be pulled of by anyone as long as the person understands her body type. The kind of accessories that goes well with the dress should be understated subtle and minimal, to much drama would conflict with the dress.

Wear Appropriate outfits for each occasion

Monochrome dress
Simple Print
Sequined Skirt
Nutral hues
Tassel dress
Cheched shirt

There is something about shoes

Must outfits need accessorizing to pull them off either by wearing elaborate jewelry, bangles gold rings, chains and nice bags but nothing is complete without the shoes. The shoes complete an outfit more than any bit of jewelry; nothing reeks of high fashion and sophistication than a pair of lace-up sandals worn over a daring dress print ensemble. What of the extra deluxe wrap-cage T-strap sandals made in Italy by Gucci and adorned by high fashion belle, top models and celebrates it is trendy and high heeled and can go nicely with outfits of same color. Another masterpiece is Valentino Garavanis studded strappy sandals or the single strap sandals, and ankle boots which are also trendy elegant with an air of adventure.

Neck lines

Every dress has its own unique cut and design the neck line determines the accessories pattern and event that the outfit can be worn, there are so many variants each caring its own appeal and challenges some of the necklines are, Strapless neckline this obviously comes with the strapless dress it should stay snugly across the upper region and tuck nicely exposing the upper shoulders underarm and chest, the strapless should not be to low cut or revealing or it would make the wearer look cheap and tartly.

Square cut and boat dress

The square cut works with the upper part to present a square shaped form it has straight lines that accentuates the neckline and collar bone, the bateau also brings attention to the neck region it has a wide top and a scoop, it could be layered plain or long laced depending on the taste of the person.

Plunging dress

Is a revealing cut that bring the focus on the breasts, full figured women wearing this outfit are guilty of over kill, the style is a deep cut that ends around the breast bone and the navel, the dress is very revealing and daring a lot of bare flesh is put out their for display. Some Hollywood stars sometimes try out these daring outfits on a red carpet event.

V shape dress

This type of cut is very common and focuses on the breast region and is only limited by the severity of the plunge line, two diagonal lines converge from each shoulder to end in the cleavage area. Some are more modestly cut and look pretty especially to formal occasions, the v cut is deceptive in that it draws attention to the upper area in a subtle way, they can be worn with gold chains a small pendant for further distraction or a chocker.

Round neck dress and asymmetrical dress

The round neck covers the neck region they are practical and easy to wear especially in cold weather, the asymmetrical dress is made up of a single strap that highlights effectively the shoulder region, and they are flirty but stylish.

Checked shirts for men

Checked shirts are making resurgence or did they ever leave? Don’t think so, they are timeless easy wear outfits that look smart and go nicely with appropriate trousers/pants, to convincingly wear checked shirts there are a few doe and don’ts. Wear a white t-shirt under the shirt to present a square top, it does not necessarily have to show but the tendency of a little peek and holding the top in place is all that is required.

Pairing your checked shirts with other patterns presents an over kill, a confused ensemble of print shapes and colors it is confusing to the eye and gives the wearer a comical look, checked shirts come in different patterns like bold sloshes, tiny concentric shapes or isometric patterns what ever the design type the size, color, shape and pattern coordination can be used to your full advantage. Bright colored checked can be worn on holiday with kaki shorts; the less colorful that has demur hues can be worn as casual wear. Muted colors in shirts or blazers can be paired with plain trousers or shorts.

The type of color and pattern your checked shirt dictates the color or fabric of your trousers or shorts bold bright shirts go well with plain muted trousers while light hued shirts can be complemented with darker trousers. Checked shirts go well with any kind of jeans it is casual and ephemeral, a plain blazer can be incorporated for more dramatic effect. If the blazer is checked a monochrome shirt would do nicely they do not clash with the checked blazer and offer a laid back yet formal look. Incorporating vests, ties, jackets can work they also carry more business like formality to the whole ensemble.

Which dress do you prefer?

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No matter the dress code, plain white, monochrome dress print, checked or tasseled the choice of outfit dictates the mood trend of the time, some of the above trends have stood the test of time and would be around for a very long time.


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    • oldiesmusic profile image

      oldiesmusic 4 years ago from United States

      Yes, you're right, not everybody can pull of a white outfit, including myself. Except for t-shirts, maybe. Thanks for your tips on timeless, classic fashion. :)