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Fashion Tips for Apple or Round Body Shape

Updated on April 4, 2011

The Apple or Round body shape is one of the more difficult body types to dress but can be easy to camouflage.  Apple or Round bodies have a waist that is the largest part of their body.  These individuals carry their weight in the middle, but often have slim arms and legs, which can be used to their advantage.  Apple bodies can be on the plus side like Rosie O’Donnell or Gabourey Sidibe but can also be thinner like Jade Jagger, Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet. 

With an Apple or Round Body Shape remember to accentuate your best features.  If you have great legs or arms show them off. 

When selecting a top go with a perfect tee.  Try tops that are in a style of a tunic that will skim around the waist.  Do no wear shirts that are bulky or made of clingy fabric because this will just bring attention to your waist.  If you are not a fan of tunics you can try empire waist shirts that begin at the bust and go away from the stomach.  You may also want to layer shirts to help cover trouble areas.  I recommend wearing camisoles under tighter fabric to help make your body look smooth and hold in your stomach.  You may also want to try shapewear to hold in your stomach. 

V-Neck Empire Waist Shirt
V-Neck Empire Waist Shirt

Apple or Round Shapes should stay away from trousers and pants that are extremely tailored or tight. If you wear these types of pants you will create a muffin top. When selecting trousers go with a dark color that is straight line from hip to ankle and wider legged. This will help balance your waist. When selecting jeans go with a bootcut style. A pair of bootcut jeans will make you look slimmer and create a line from your waist down. When selecting jeans go with a fabric that is a little stretchy. Selecting jeans that stretch will help hold in your stomach but will also add emphasize your other assets like your hips and backside. If you are an Apple or Round never wear skinny jeans. This type of jean will cling to your waist and make you look bigger than you are.

Dark Bootcut Jeans
Dark Bootcut Jeans

A-line and empire dresses work for apple or round shape bodies. These dresses hide your waistline but help show off your other assets. These types of dresses flow from your body and therefore disguise your tummy. Select a skirt that is fuller and have a high waistline. Avoid miniskirts even if you have great legs because this will make you look top heavy.

V-neck empire waist dress
V-neck empire waist dress

Another tip for Apple or Round shape bodies is to go monochromatic.  Basically this means wearing the same color on the top and the bottom to create clean lines and a slimming effect over your body. 

Monochromatic outfit creates a slimming effect.
Monochromatic outfit creates a slimming effect.

When accessorizing Apple or Round shape bodies remember to find shoes that create long lines of your legs.  You will want to wear a stappy sandal or sexy heel. 

Here are some outfit suggestions for Apple or Round shape bodies.

The first outfit pairs dark bootcut jeans with a long waisted pink sweater.  The sweater is laid and helps created a longer torso and helps hide the stomach while the bootcut jeans makes your body look longer.

The next outfit is a v-neck empire waist top and boot cut jeans.  I think this top is fun and flirty and would be a perfect date shirt.  The top is fitted under the breasts and flows out at the stomach.  This will create the illusion that you have a flat stomach.  The outfit is paired with flats, but you could also pair it with heels to make your legs look longer and leaner. 

The last outfit is a black v-neck empire dress. I love this dress. It shows off your arms and legs if these are your best attribute.

Remember to have fun with your body type and always wear things that you are comfortable wearing. I hope these tips help and keep following me to read more fashion tips.


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