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Makeup and Hair Style Tips for Brunettes

Updated on July 2, 2016
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She's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

Brunettes May Wear Any Trendy Color, Except Solid Dark Colors

If you're a brunette, you evidently love the versatility your hair color bestows, and for a good cause, because brown locks are totally fashionable and versatile! The contrast of your umber hair permits you to look fabulous in virtually any color combination. The solitary matter to concern yourself is, your choice of makeup hues. Your makeup should go with the color tones of your skin. To be a sensation, you should match your makeup to the color tones of your outfit. This is perfectly alright, since you have brownish hair.

Brunettes can wear any trendy color; except, they should stay away from wearing all solid dark colors. If you have brown hair and wear an all-black suit, you may seem washed out. Breaking your look with a white blouse or colorful scarf will do a trick in making you look softer.

Brunettes Can Start a New Trendy Style! Here Pink Pants Are Absolutely Stunning.
Brunettes Can Start a New Trendy Style! Here Pink Pants Are Absolutely Stunning. | Source

Brunettes Finest Eye Colors are Gray, Black, Silver and Plum

Wearing make-up to match your skin tone is impressive! If you are fair, cool colors will look spectacular on you, similar to the stance of Courtney Cox. The strapping contrast between your hair and skin means vivid makeup will suit you best. Your finest eye colors are cool gray, black, ivory, silver and rich plums. Plus, your top lipsticks are fuchsia pink, crimson red, deep plums or mauve with blush sugar or rose-pink for cheeks. This is the most flattering and fitting for you.

Brunettes Best Clothes are Dark-Green, Beige, Rust or Orange

If your skin has a golden or greenish undertone, then you should wear warm colors akin to Cindy Crawford. Look profoundly into your skin and choose makeup colors composed of russet, olive, and tawny, earthy red with chocolate-brown. Your best eye colors are dark green, beige, rust, orange, simple reds and again chestnut hues. Keep your blush within tints of tawny browns, apricot or pink, and lipstick in stains of rust, raisin, warm chocolate-brown or orange-red.

If your hair is curly, frizzy, straight or course with gold or reddish highlights, you can style your brown locks into any type of hair style, and it will hold nicely, because, brunette hair has staying power.

If you're blessed with a dark skin tone like Halle Berry or Tyra Banks, you should certainly not wear overcast clothing styles, because of the tendency of having an ashy undertone. Always consider wearing a light-colored blouse or pant to break the monotony of a somber garment ensemble.

Courtney Cox is sparkling when wearing light colored clothes with natural makeup.

Cindy Crawford forever looks elegant showing her bare legs in an attractive evening dress.

Halle Berry wears her brown locks well in choosing hues in her garments that match her make up.

Light Colors Look Tremendous on Brunettes
Light Colors Look Tremendous on Brunettes | Source

Brunette's Can Start a Styles Trend That's All Their Own

Furthermore, balance your features with intense pastel shades on your eyes, and poise yourself with a natural lip color too for a striking look. Your top style makeup eye colors are charcoal grays, pastel pinks, lilacs, tart, chocolate browns, and sky blues. Along with your best, blushes are shimmer pinks for pale makeup, and caramel shades for all others. Your greatest lipstick shades are nudes, faded sparkling pinks, bitter chocolate Auburn or warm brown pinks.

Brunettes do have more fun! The contrast of your dark hair will always complement your garments, and you can get away with many unique fashion styles, and definitely start a style trend that's all your own. It's entirely up to you! Whatever you decide is always grand, except for all black somber colors of any texture.

Brunettes May Use a Lip Liner to Accentuate Lips

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