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Fashion Tips for Fat Men

Updated on October 3, 2015

Sure not all of us have been blessed with a great body, good looks and a great naturally built physique, but instead of crying over spilled milk we can learn to do something about it. If you have not been lucky enough to win the genetic lottery and are not tall, dark and handsome, fear not because with a few changes in how you dress, you can also flatter your image and feel ever more confident in your own skin.

Choose clothes that fit your body comfortably, not too tight.

What men usually tend to do is buy clothes in the hopes that they would eventually fit into them, for instance you would go to your local shirt shop and buy a T-Shirt which is smaller then your size in order to give the impression that you are much slimmer then you actually are. It is very important for you not to be tempted into buying a shirt smaller then your size because they basically do the opposite of what you want, instead of making you look slimmer wearing tight fitting clothes actually make you look bigger, therefore it is advisable to buy clothes that fit or even are a little loose.

Don’t wear bold patterns

Many overweight men tend to not be comfortable with highlighting the upper half of their bodies, that is why it is important to wear clothes that do not make you stand out in the crowd. However it is advisable to wear vertical patterns on your clothes, reason being that these maintain the aesthetic continuity of your torso and help draw out the overall look of your body. It is widely known that as compared to lighter colors, darker colors are the ones that help in proportioning your body. That is why while picking out a shirt next time you should opt for a dark color as they help to make you look ten pounds thinner.

No tops with sloped shoulders

Shirts that have sloped shoulders bring out more attention to your chest and mid section areas, to prevent drawing attention to those areas it is a good tip to avoid shirts with sloped shoulders. You should wear shirts which have more stiff or squared shoulders as instead of your midsection; they bring attention to your face.

Empty your pockets

This may seem like something which is trivial at first glance but looking at it is another great tip for stout men to look good. This like the others tips mentioned above would not cost you much money and in most cases would not make you uncomfortable or somewhat out of place. This simple technique helps your torso look slimmer and does help in making you look less bulky then you would having full pockets. That is why you should get rid of all the excess baggage that you keep in your pockets, overstuffed wallets, papers, batteries, or even bigger then usual cell phones should be at once disposed off. This is because having full pockets brings attention to your large midsection; living with this small technique would help make your hips smaller and it would not cost anything.

Go for V neck shirts

A big no for anyone large man while out buying clothes is round neck shirts, round necks do not help in gratifying your body that is why it is suggested that you should instead invest in V neck shirts. V necks bring your whole neck area into proportion, especially for men that have a double chin; V necks are the way to go because they highlight the chest area instead of spreading light on your chest. Also for events that are more sophisticated, dress shirts should be the ones that you should opt for. However it is important to note that buying dress shirts that have an arched and stiff collar is much more suitable then wearing shirts with droopy collars. This is because these not only give you a look of exuberance but they also bring to attention your face, rather then primarily focusing on your body. For any overweight man, to look better you do have to do certain things that are somewhat out of your comfort zone, there are things that you may enjoy wearing but your weight does not allow you too. For those men that feel that way I have good news for you, avoid wearing turtlenecks at all. Turtlenecks are not only as a whole disliked by a wide majority of people, but they also would not suit you because they tend to completely cover your neck and make you look bigger, so there is no great loss there.

Correct your posture

This may be another old wives tip but it sure does work, working your posture is a tried and tested tip and should therefore be employed. Standing up straight with an arched back does at once make you look about ten to fifteen pounds slimmer while at the same time also giving an impression of confidence, a trait that a large number of people find attractive. To appear even slimmer try wearing shoes that have a heel that is an inch or half an inch tall max, this would give a needed symmetry to your body.

Wear longer Jeans

Another helpful tip for men that are overweight is to wear jeans that are larger in length; these help you look taller and thinner. If you are wearing shoes that having relatively short heels then you should wear jeans that exactly are placed a quarter of a half inch above your heel, nothing longer or shorter is necessary.


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