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Fashion Tips for Tall Guys

Updated on June 2, 2013

As much as a teenage boy may aspire to be the tallest in his school, the challenges faced by tall men, especially when it comes to men’s fashion, are innumerous. A person can be considered tall when his height is beyond six feet three inches (ideal height for men is 5 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 2 inches). Tall men have their set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to clothing. Choosing from the ready to wear section, they would end up in trousers that are too short, shirts that climb up their waist and shoes their legs can hardly fit into. Tall men fashion tips should help take care of at least a few of them.

Tall Men Fashion Tips:

Men need not be out of style or out of date when it comes to men’s clothing due to their undue height advantage. The bodies of tall men are slightly different in structure. Hence they do not have the option of picking up just about anything off the rack to wear. Custom made clothing is a good option, but is not necessarily the only one. Since men’s fashion is mostly meant for the physically normal built man, tall men find it difficult to find clothes that can fit them well. Hence try to shop at exclusive Tall Men’s fashion outlets. Tall men do have stores they can pick up their stuff from such as Narciso Rodriguez, John Varvatos, and Ralph Lauren. Another option is to buy loose clothing and have them altered to fit your size, but this may not be as comfortable as you would like it.

If you are thin and tall, avoid clinging clothes. Choose from fabrics that have fullness and softness.

Avoid vertically striped designs as it adds to the height and thinness. Men’s clothing in large prints such as check shirts (large checks) can look great on taller men. A big print casual shirt adds volume to the attire toning down the height, so that is also a good choice in men’s clothing.

Wear your trousers on your waist or low waist rather than on your belly. Also wear pants longer than your normal length. Ensure that your trouser length is never short. Your socks should never show when you stand. If it does, your trousers are short.

Avoid big shoulder padded blazers, padded jackets and short jackets. Monochrome outfits like suits are also an absolute no. Add in as much color as possible to break up the height.

Break the length of your appearance by wearing different color top and bottom. Monochrome outfits make tall men look a vertical straight line.

Another good tall man’s fashion tip is to have cuff trousers. This breaks the visual effect of height. Pleated trousers are also a good idea for tall thin men as it adds volume, but tall well built men may want to avoid it.

T-shirts with polo necks balances long necks on taller men while wide patterned ties take away the attention from tallness.

Avoidlow-slung jeans and baggy clothes.

The clothes should fit you well with just enough room for comfortable movement.


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    • profile image

      Tall Guy 4 years ago

      The website Tall Guy's Clothes ( has a collection of tall finds

      from different stores around the internet.

      Try there and also add your own favorite items on the site for tall guys.

    • profile image

      Naweed 5 years ago

      Hi, I'm 6.2 and it's very difficult for me to find clothes of my size. I'm leaving in Afghanistan where all clothes are being importing from China........But i liked the post.

      Regards, Naweed

    • profile image

      Sai Rahul 5 years ago's really a must read post for tall men like me, I am 6.2..n i found ur post very usefull....thanx n i xpect more such posts frm u especially fr tall men

    • profile image

      Tallmans Clothing 7 years ago


      This is a very excellent post. i really like this post . This post provides us very good knowledge about tall fitted fashionable clothe.

      Thank you,

    • jamestedmondson profile image

      jamestedmondson 8 years ago from San Francisco

      Good tips Tomerr. I'm around 6'6" and have a very hard time finding clothes, but Banana Repulic, Gap, Old Navy, and J. Crew all offer tall sizes on their websites.

    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 8 years ago from Far Far Away...

      Appreciate it Ben, thanks for reading!!

    • profile image

      Ben Ashel 8 years ago

      Thanks for the tips, i am only 6'2" but i found your article to be very usefull.