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Modest Fashion Must Haves for 2017

Updated on May 18, 2017
Modest Fashion 2017
Modest Fashion 2017

Welcoming 2017 Fashion Trends

I am so excited for what fashion has to offer us this year. If I am really honest, nothing is new in fashion these days. Most trendy items are really comebacks from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. So if you were alive during those years, this is another opportunity to enjoy those trends you loved. What I am most excited about is that these trends include a lot of items that are easy to wear in a modest way. I have shopped and looked through the internet and I have come up with the must haves for the Modest Fashionistas this 2017.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When you go shopping think before you purchase. Make sure that you know how you are going to wear a piece of clothing before you spend your money.
  • Ask yourself if the item is modest enough. You may need more than one to complete your outfit.
  • Don't forget to wear what looks good on you, so don't let something trendy distract you.

Fan Skirt

Fashion Skirt 2017
Fashion Skirt 2017

Circle Skirt

Circle Skirts

Your must haves #1 is circle skirts. These come in what is called a half-circle and a full circle. Half-circle skirts use less fabric and are less flowy. These are so trendy and come in lots of bold colors and patterns. Another good thing about them is that they also come in different lengths, allowing us Modest Fashionistas to enjoy them as well. Other skirt styles that are being used in the modest world are your basic Maxi and Pencil skirts. Keep them handy because you can also pair them wit

Floral Dress

Fashion 2017
Fashion 2017

Floral Shirts and Dresses

Floral dresses and shirts will be a great addition to your closet this year. For us Modest Fashionistas is a must have because dresses usually don't require anything else other than shoes. It is very easy to dress modestly in a nice floral and flowy dress.

Bell Sleeves
Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves

Remember bell sleeves and bell pants? Yes, this is a great comeback. I am not a fan of this shirt style, but I find it to be very nice on thin girls. I have yet to try one on that looks good on me. However, I think you should give bell sleeves a chance this year. Again, these will come in bold colors and patterns rendering honors to the Hippies.

Fashion 2017
Fashion 2017

Asymmetrical Styles

This year we will continue to see asymmetrical styles in skirts, dresses, and tunics. My favorites of all, of course, are tunics. Tunics are a must have to dress modestly because they can be used with tights and pants. Some tunics are long enough to be worn alone with cute shoes.

We will continue to see lots of asymmetrical skirts as well. Some of these styles will also include ruffles.

Other lovely trends

2017 Must Haves

What are your favorite items for 2017?

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      This year, we had part of winter so we scrambled for things to wear and I found that black pants are always useful.

    • Matty Fernandez profile image

      Matty Fernandez 3 years ago from Passaic, NJ

      I am on the hunt now for boots. Thank you!

    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 3 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Matty! I have to say, I love black and white--it's pretty much my go-to any time of the year! I am, however, thinking about picking up some boots now that they're on sale. They have to be super comfy 'cause I work part-time retail and am on my feet most of the time. I always look for coupons and deals so I don't have to spend too much.