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Beautiful Boomer - Savy Styling

Updated on May 17, 2013


I saw a young girl wearing a dress that was so short, when she reached for something...well it wasn't pretty. Unfortunately I see fashion bloopers all the time on young people, but they are experimenting, and how bad can it look when you are in your twenties. Remember those days when you could throw on just about anything and look great?

If you are a boomer like me, that just isn't the case. There are lines you cannot cross. Even if you work out and keep your weight down, that micro-mini is not for "old legs". By this I mean legs that sag, or have veins of any kind, cellulite or wrinkles. Yes take a good look at them in the mirror. Legs do age. Oh, it's not the end of the world!

Here are some ways you can stay fashionably youthful:

  1. Take care of your skin. Develop a regimen for your skin type. Don't experiment with over the counter products. Instead, seek professional advice and only buy products you try first with samples. I suggest visiting, a Merle Norman cosmetics studio. They have great skin care products and will give you a free make-up lesson.
  2. Keep your nails short. Nails thicken with age and long nails begin looking like claws. Short nails with pretty bright colors will make your hands and feet look younger.
  3. Take care of your teeth. Visit your dentist regularly and heed advice about flossing and whitening.
  4. Take care of your hair. Clean and shiny is the key. Don't get your hair done once a week and try to keep it that way all week. Find a style you can handle yourself. Wash your hair at least every other day. Shampoo brand is not important, but invest in a great conditioner. If you color your hair, keep up with the roots. White roots on dark hair is a no no. Also no wild colors like pink or blue.
  5. Bring a friend when you clothes shop. When we look at ourselves, we only see what we want to see. You need an objective opinion. Also invest in tailoring, ill fitted equals frumpy.
  6. Do not buy trendy clothes. By this time you probably know what looks are best for you, so go classic. A trend may better be applied in the form of accessories like belts, scarves, stockings, shoes and boots.
  7. Discard shabby clothing. Don't hang on to those favorite tee-shirts and pants that have been washed 100 times. Worn, faded, stretched-out things might look cute on kids, but not on mature women.
  8. Wear great eye glasses. It's hard to wear contacts as you age because your eyes get dryer. So choose a great pair of glasses. Ask for help and find out which colors, shapes and sizes look best on you. Glasses camouflage wrinkles too. Be sure to purchase a pair of UV protection sunglasses as well, because cataracts are stimulated to grow in sunlight.
  9. Maintain your energy. Eat good healthy foods and exercise every day. Just take a walk and breath in fresh air. Visit your doctor regularly and keep up to-date on immunizations.

The greatest advice is to shine from within. Smile and seek the upside of every situation. We can't be forever young, but we can be forever youthful.


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      4 years ago

      Got it! Thanks a lot again for henlpig me out!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You're on top of the game. Thanks for shgainr.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Way to use the internet to help people solve prsoelmb!


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