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Fashion and the now take!

Updated on March 5, 2015

The out take.

Years ago, there were studies, if i remember correctly done, on the children's type of lifestyle given the popular styles in that specific time. Well, at about the time all these things where being looked at, studied, and changed or allowed I was young, but smart. Now what gives me a perspective on this beautiful world is the amount of Health care specialist I am around and know that are up and coming. Are we over whelmed or do we need to become more apart of it?

Here's my opinion....

I love health care people, but are the trendy girls and guys going bad? Let me explain that statement, ok. Well, I have a few friends that are in the field of maintenance (hair, skin, feet). But, I from the start have been seeing a lot of illegal uses of their new knowledge. Hair and makeup used to cover nights out, health tips to cover drug and alcohol use, and others. But, they do look good. I am worried about things and what illegal use of beautifying may do if not stopped or controlled in the young and new business lites. Color looks good!



Everyone always has this huge dilemma with being it for the moment. But, life has no "T", I think. Beauty is what I see when I look at my mother, aunt, and grandmother. One thing, used think my aunt was the it girl, she's working on it. Beauty is natural, natural, natural with a little it in there. He or she wants you not someone else. Be you, not me.

Healthcare (stylist)

Words of wisdom for Juliet Faith

Out play YOU!



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