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Fashion as I see it

Updated on December 11, 2015

Fashion. For some it's an obsession; for others, it's simply something that exists! Like the free wind and the still trees. I obviously like to be free just like the many of you. Yes I am one of them, the first category, I am Vrunali Malani, a fashion-obsessed 21-year-old, searching for an outlet to tour each road of my fixation. Fashion lets me to dive into a different universe and depart the one I'm living in now and my love for fashion increases as the season goes by.Who knows fashion is a critical part of this society yet doesn't give it a chance to get to them?

Fashion is craftsmanship; you are making, letting your inward sentiments out.Fashion is intended to satisfy. I've generally been a fashion lover. Everybody ought to love fashion, take in its ideas and use them, all things considered. Try not to be influenced by others, however don't be rooted. Succumb to it, yet don't give it a chance to take your own views away (judged by the others for wearing that over-sized tee?! don’t care!).

Individuals use fashion to convey and to show who they are. Fashion is something that permits individuals to be inventive and strong. I check out a huge number of individuals, and what I see is an assortment of styles. I see individuals wearing garments that are “in vogue”. I see others wearing their own imaginative, fascinating styles.

In my hubs I plan to incorporate everything to do with fashion. From present and future trends to thoughts on the most proficient method to wear them to brands that I like and the ones I don't. In the process I plan to meet other fashion lovers.


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    • profile image

      Pra123 2 years ago

      Nice blog....Keep the good fashion articles going !! Hope to read more of your articles !!

    • profile image

      Shaily 2 years ago

      Very well written!

    • profile image

      Monica Rathod 2 years ago

      I liked your block

    • profile image

      lost_love 2 years ago

      r u thr on pinterest?

    • profile image

      the_evil_queen 2 years ago

      i like ur content. and fashion is my obsession as well. n is dat u in d pic?

    • profile image

      vanessa1908 2 years ago

      i luvd d way u exprssd dis in terms of trees n wind. luvd ur blog. post more abt shoes next plzz.

    • profile image

      darshan patel 2 years ago

      You are absolutely correct in this era fashion is something which we can't ignore

    • profile image

      swarvora 2 years ago

      hi. fashion lover here!!