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Fashion do's and dont's - pear, apple, rectangle whatever your shape is!

Updated on April 20, 2012

Fashion and celebrities

Frustration, irritation, annoyance combined with admiration and wonder is what culminates when women like ourselves watch celebrities dressed beautifully be it on the red carpet or on the "streets of Hollywood". Looking gorgeous in cocktail gowns and dresses is one thing and looking elegant and classy even in hewed off shots and scruffy boots is another.

It makes one wonder how these celebrities manage to look almost perfect in every outfit. Do they ever feel the emotions that a common woman feels when dressing up. We see Nicole Richie dressed in a loose floral dress and a pair of flip flops and try to imitate the look ending up looking like a fashion mishap. Or when we see Beyonce in her strapless, figure hugging evening gown and think the look is perfect for a lovely evening and imitate it resulting in failure to hide our unwanted curves and bumps.

What makes these celebrities look almost perfect every time they step out of their million dollar properties? What makes us they have the perfect figure? Or that they have the best dressing sense?

Maybe its not their figures or their clothes but their choice of clothes for their unique figures. Maybe that's the skill they perfect and we don't.

A few Ideas

Roxy Juniors Hit The Road Fleece Jacket,Vanilla,Large
Roxy Juniors Hit The Road Fleece Jacket,Vanilla,Large

for Pear shaped body-to add volums to upper body.


Pear Shaped Body

Women with this body shape have narrow shoulders, smaller busts in comparison to their hips and have heavy thighs. There is a common misconception that women with this shape are heavier and look bulky and unattractive. This is however untrue! This body shape can be quite flattering and attractive given it is clothed appropriately. Celebrities like Kristin Davis , Beyonce, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt are well known for this body shape.

In order to take focus of their narrow shoulders and heavy thighs they need to choose clothes that balance out these features.

Common Mistake :The most common mistake for women with this shape is to wear dresses that are tight around their hips which literally accentuate their waste and thighs. This could be avoided by wearing dresses that are loose and flowy on the hips.

A trick :Wearing puffs and t-shaped shoulders make shoulders looks wider and help in creating a balance for this shape. Choosing tops with details on the shoulders also help this cause.

Fashion Don't : Avoid skinny leg jeans which will make thighs look wider and gives your lower body a triangle shape.

Fashion Do : Use belts/waist bands to bring notice to your slender waist and not your wide hips.

Apple Shaped body

Women with this body shape generally have thin arms and legs with wide shoulders, larger breasts, slim hip and backside and usually are wider in their midsection. While this body shape can be difficult to balance, it is also the easiest to dress. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Oprah Winfrey are known for their Apple shaped bodies. Even Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek are considered as apple shaped because of their bigger breasts and smaller hips and back.

Women with this body shape must try to bring focus to the sexier parts of their body such as their slender arms, fuller breasts, thin long legs and avoid any focus on their waist and try to camouflage this with appropriate clothes.

Common mistake : Most common mistake committed by women with this body shape is wearing short, heavy jackets accentuating their already wide shoulders and large breasts.

A trick : Wearing empire line dresses, a -line skirts help balance out the wide shoulders and narrow hips ratio. Also wearing V-Shaped tops or strapless dresses bring attention to your lovely shoulders and fuller breasts.

Fashion Don't : Wearing puffed sleeves or tops with frills around breast area and avoid over sized tops.

Fashion Do: Wearing high heels helps bring focus back on your slender calves and legs which is usually the best part of apple shaped bodies as they are usually slim and fit.

Rectangle shaped body

Women with these body shapes have athletic, boyish figures with bust and hips approximately the same size, with less defined waistline. Celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Sheryl Crow, Keira Knightley, Gywneth Paltrow have this body shape.

While the positive of this body shape is that during weight gain, the weight is usually distributed throughout the body and not just in one are unlike other body shapes, the negative however is that women with this body shape might feel disappointed at the lack of curves.

Common mistake: The most common mistake is wearing skinny leg jeans or tightly fitted dresses which brings focus to the rectangular slim figure.

A trick : Wearing boot legged jeans, and jeans with wider opening can help flatter muscular legs. Wearing shoulder pads and wider jackets (not boxy) is also a popular trick for this body shape.

Fashion Don't : Avoid vertical patterns on your clothes and this will make you look more thin and straight.

Fashion Do : Shift dresses look good on rectangular body shape than any other. Wearing tops and dresses that have details around the bust area.

Well, while these are just guidelines to dress for your shape, its also important to remember that trail and error is what helps us to create our own style and statement.

This is my second hub and I hope my writing improves with every hub that I post. Hope you find these guidelines helpful and informative. You can also subscribe to for more style tips, fashion articles and gossip.

Before I finish this hub I'd like to remind us all that, in spite of our curves or no curves, perfections or imperfections, we should learn to love ourselves everyday for what we are and that 'true perfection lies not in what one has, but what one is ' - Oscar wilde.


PS : Please leave your comments or questions below.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Oprah Winfrey is hardly an apple shape. She is very curvy on the bottom and carries much of her weight below the waist. If anything, she is a pear.

    • Mantra and beauty profile imageAUTHOR

      Mantra and beauty 

      6 years ago

      Thanks Rusti, Glad it was helpful.

    • Rusti Mccollum profile image

      Ruth McCollum 

      6 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

      I loved this very informative. I enjoyed it.


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