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Fashion guide for pear shaped ladies

Updated on June 8, 2012

Lots of women have pear shaped bodies. This shape is especially common for women after bearing children. Like a pear, their upper bodies are small compared to their hips, thighs and bums. Many celebrities have this shape and still look stunning with the right clothing and accessories. This hub is a fashion guide on how pear shaped ladies should dress. Hope you will find it helpful.

Do accessorizes with jewelry near the neck and face. Due to a small upper body, you have to balance everything out by drawing attention to your face and upper body.

Do wear scarf to keep warm. Scarves are very flattering for pear shaped ladies. They bring the eyes up to your upper body and face.

Do wear tops with ruffles. Ruffles are the perfect details for ladies with pear shaped bodies. This detail is great for balancing out women with bigger hips and bums while adding feminine touches to your whole outfit.

Do pick tops that show off your waistline – Pear shaped ladies usually have a very defined waistline. You should always let people see how shapely you are by investing in tops that cinch at the waist.

Do wear A line dress. The A line dress is almost universally flattering for women. On the pear shape, it tends to hide your problem areas.

Do wear bell bottom or flare pants. Big hips and bums are easily balanced out by flare jeans. These pants are not only flattering for your figure but super trendy as well. Don't forget to complete the look with some wedges for the ultimate summer look.

Do wear darker pants with lighter tops. Darker pants will slim down your problem areas. Lighter top will make your upper body look slightly bigger to balance out your lower half.

Don't wear skinny jeans. These will give people the illusion of huge hips and thighs; skinny jeans accentuate your problem areas.

Don't wear coats that end just at your hips. Again, this will draw attention to your problem areas. Instead, choose a long coat or a classic trench coat that ties around your waist.

Don't wear light colored pants. Light colors will expose your problem areas. Whatever you do, don't wear light colored pants

Don't wear pants with bulging back pockets. You don't want to accentuate your bum with back pockets. Keep the pants simple and clean cut.


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