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Floral Print Dresses

Updated on October 13, 2009

Perfect for those 'missing your head' days...

There's just something about floral print dresses, isn't there? Originally developed as camouflage for female Belgian assassins working in botanical gardens, they have since become a fashion icon in their own right. Every spring new incarnations of the floral print dress are developed, and year round, floral print dresses are purchased in their millions by rabid consumers who just can't get enough of walking around like grotesquely animated flower beds sprung to life.

There are practical considerations to take into account, of course. One can't just go shoving on any floral frock and hope to look like the proverbial bee's knees. One must think about one's figure. Small floral print dresses, where the floral designs are under an inch in diameter, are excellent at providing a soft feminine way to break up the lines of a large body and make the wearer appear smaller. Large floral print dresses on the other hand make bold fashion statements and invite pollination.

Did I say pollination? That's right, as demure as floral dress may appear to be, they are in fact, a very suggestive piece of clothing. Flowers are the sexual organs of a plant, designed to attract the attentions of busy little buzzy bees which carry the pollen from one plant to the stamen of another, allowing a whole new generation of flowers to be 'born'.

In spite of their somewhat frankly sordid origins, floral print dresses are appropriate for any age. The power of the floral print to span the generational gap is one of the marvels of the fashion world that too often goes unremarked upon. Small children may wear any kind of print they please. Monkeys, clowns, balloons, anything goes at all. Try walking down the street as a grown woman wearing a dress covered in small monkeys riding tricycles and see what it gets you!' (Hint: you may need to carry with you details of someone who can vouch for your sanity in the event of preemptive sectioning, aka, committing to le loony bin.)

Floral print dresses are notoriously simple to acessorize, as they usually contain several colors, which one can highlight with jewelry, handbags, or shoes. It is somewhat advisable to keep accessories relatively muted however, the combination of a floral print and bright accessories often making one look a little like the contents of a dress up box.

Whether you're planning a stakeout behind the rhododendrons, or simply looking for a classic feminine way to dress, the floral print dress can take you from high profile hit to casual barbecue in the blink of an eye. How many other items of clothing can make that claim?


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