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Fashion over 60

Updated on October 9, 2012

Act your age but have fun while doing it!

First of all, as we get older we have to face facts. We ARE older and our bodies are not what they used to be (if they ever were). The sad fact is that most people gain weight as they get older, and gravity seems to take over. Hey, even famous movie stars that are STILL beautiful carry a little (or a lot) of extra weight. So it happens to all of us. Don’t get me wrong – I dislike it as much as you do! The point of this article is to give you ideas on dressing appropriately and smartly, but still looking fashionable. We don’t have to dress like an old lady, BUT if you’re over 60 you probably shouldn’t be shopping in the junior section.

So, we all have parts of our body that we wished were a lot smoother, smaller, or flatter. Then DON’T WEAR SKINTIGHT CLOTHES THAT ONLY ACCENTUATE THOSE BODY PARTS! Look for clothes that flatter your body shape and draw the eyes away from the ‘sore spot’. Look for clothes that tastefully hide the bulges, but accentuate any positive spots you may have. Don’t go to the other extreme of wearing all baggy clothes either. Dress with confidence – you’ve earned it!

Aim for classic styles that are never out of date. Get rid of your clothes that ‘date’ you . Even if you CAN still fit into some of your faddish high school or college clothes, it’s probably not a good idea! BUT don’t be afraid of color. Just because you’re over 60 that doesn’t mean you’re in mourning! Have fun and be comfortable with who you are!


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    • profile image

      Sharon Tharp 13 months ago

      These outfits are hideous for any age. Looks like they found this stuff at a thrift store. Aged out of someone's closet