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Fashion represents human nature

Updated on July 31, 2015

Fashion reflects human identity

Fashion is about that how we present ourselves to the world and the reflection of who we are or who we want to be. From the ancient age, clothing and textile represent the improvement of civilization and technologies in different period of time at different places. At present time, human use cloth for making unique identity, maintained social status or attracting opposite sex. But fashion not only depends on our clothing; it also depends on our footwear, accessories and makeup.
If anybody likes to wear mismatched outfit like frayed jeans with non-ironed T-shirt and like to keep uncombed hair and unshaved faces that represent their poor self image, lack of maturity and lack of confidence. They like to live their life free of restriction. If anybody likes to maintain trendy fashion, means that style influenced by celebrity fashion and fashion magazines. They always want to keep their image in the top among all; they want to show their social status. They are always conscious about latest item. It is important because clothing gives first impression. Wearing fashionable cloths represent that you are demanding, modern and open-minded, while you wear simple cloth that make you undemanding.
Sometime fashion base on environment, not relate to personal style; that is called conventional type fashion. In the business world, men or women wear simple traditionally styled blue, grey and back trouser and light colored shirt with sensible shoes. In collage campus, students like to wear jeans or chinos with T-shirt and like to maintain casual style.
Ultimately fashion is a declaration of expression for each of us. Fashion gives information about the people’s current mood, their personal opinion, class, taste or occupation. The fashion is the mirror of human character.


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