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Fashionable Ways to Dress For The Office Party

Updated on April 4, 2013

Dress for 2013 Office Party

Office Parties come but once in a year. But the impression you create at the party can last till kingdom-come. We are also at a general consensus that the impression you create at the office party begins at your wardrobe mirror as the questions of what you should wear parade through your indecisive mind; do you decide to go completely casual and pull a lady-gaga or Jennifer Lopez designer. What does the dress you wear to the office party say about you? Remember you have a career to preserve and your dignity and respect to take care of after the party. But you also don’t want to look like a pompous boss at a time when you should be having the time of your life.

Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb as I have already mentioned is not to be dictated by the fact that it is a party and it is December, so I can let the wild side of myself loose. Remember you will be facing the same, same crew tomorrow at the conference table. And you don’t want your boss or your office subordinates looking at you weirdly.

Fortunately men do not have to battle with what to wear. The idea of dressing for a party for men is to dress formal and maintain the professional look. In case you decide for casual, t-shirt and jeans with minimal accessories is the way to go.

Women do not have the same narrow choices for office party dress, but here are a few tips I thought would help you narrow down your selection.

Dress Tips For Women

About Looking Chic

Avoid anything that would put an extra inch of your cleavage on display. Being chic does not mean exposing extra flab and stretchmark. Leave the bust-exposers for the bedroom, if you happen to hook up with a colleague for an afterparty frolicking. The general rule still stands-if you can’t wear it at the office, don’t wear it at the party.

Avoid wearing a transparent dress with opaque underway. The lights at the party have a way of exposing what would have remained undiscovered in the normal lights.


Know beforehand what kind of an office party it will be. If it is one with a lot of dancing, you need to make sure that your clothes won’t fall apart after a few wriggles. It is also common to binge at these office parties, and you generally would want to make sure that you wear a dress that is manageable at whichever level of inebriation.

Try to go for something unique.

Red is the color for parties, I don’t know how we ever arrived at that consensus but it seems to be generally accepted around the globe. But turning out in a party wearing the garb that everyone else is wearing is not your idea of being chic, especially if they turn out appearing better than you in the dress; Do some planning ahead and choose something that not only compliments you but one that will also earn you some compliments. If you don’t know a good tailor around your block, you can try one of the less frequented online boutiques where you can be sure you will find a unique something for your size, complexion and fit.

About Accessories

No, you don’t want to turn up at the party looking like a walking ad for your local accessories store. Believe me you don’t. Choose your accessories carefully bearing in mind that they have a voice of their own and will be giving out subtle messages about you. Silk scarves, handbags and a chic belt will in most cases be enough to complete your party mood dress code.


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    • mahingepatrick profile image

      Patrick 4 years ago from Nairobi

      I always wonder why women have to be so considerate about what they should wear. Why not just the clothe that is close enough and hit the streets?

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Great tips. Its real easy for guys to figure out what to wear at a office party, but women its a lot of planing, no wonder it takes for ever for them to get ready.