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Fashionable You In All Seasons

Updated on January 12, 2015

India and Her Climatic Diversity

We know India is a country where we get to see the moderate to extreme of various seasons. There is no doubt about the fact that this climatic diversity gives us the opportunity to enjoy various seasons throughout the year and at the same time does put up a load on our wardrobes to have the best suitable apparels for all seasons.

I am sure at some point or other we find ourselves asking the question: "How can I look my best in all the seasons?"

Let's solve this million dollar question in a step-wise manner. Here's the guide to be stylish from head to toe is all seasons.

Hair Care

1) Hair:

a) Get a hair cut regularly- with this you instantly loose those unhealthy split-ends and add instant style to your hair. You can even change your style frequently to flaunt a different look every season. Just keep in mind that well trimmed and healthy hair always look good.

b) Summers: Tie your hair in style-if your tresses are long you can tie them in a bun (low, high, medium level). choose the level according to your face shape. a high pony which draw attention to your hair line and accentuate your features and helps you beat the heat

c) Winters: go short and let your hair open, it keeps your ears covered and protects from cold. also you don't sweat and can easily flaunt the open and semi-tie styles. Flaunt your caps in various styles to keep warm and be the fashion diva.

d) Monsoon: Tie up your hair and pin it all away from your face when it sweaty and sunny, else let them loose for the rain dance parties

e) Autumn: do it your way, tie, semi-tie or open, all go well in this season, just be comfortable

Beautiful hair All The time

Put your Best Face Forward

a) Summers and monsoons: keep the make-up minimal as you tend to sweat a lot and drink plenty of water as dehydration shows up on face. Wear pastel and light shades in lipsticks, use water proof and smudge free eye-liners. And last but not the least wash or wipe your face regularly to remove the sweat, oil and dirt.

b) Winters: use a moisturizer or cream regularly, put a lip balm in bright shades like red n pink to give a fuller feel to face, use eyeliner to brighten up your eyes

c) Autumn: wear what ever you want from bright to dull shades, from glosses to matte lip colors, this season is good to go with any thing

Nose and Ears

3) Nose:

a) Summer: a good season to get piercing done and if you already have it, this is the best time of year to wear those nose rings

b) Monsoon: put away the piercing plans for this season, best is to keep your skin clean and sweat free

c) Autumn: good to flaunt colorful nose pins and rings

4) Ear:

a) Summer: Hoops are best to be worn for this season as they keep your ear lobes dry

b) Monsoon: Wear Small hoops and non-irritant metal ear-rings to minimize the chances of any infection. Avoid wearing hand-made jewelry as it might get spoiled if you get drenched in the rain.

c) Winter: Avoid big hoops with furry jackets as they might get tangled in the fur. Studs are the best pick for this season.

d) Autumn: the best season to flaunt it all

Add Glamour To Each Season

Flaunt that statement necklace

a) Summers and monsoon: small and thin neck pieces if you sweat more around your neck, light paper and simple jewelry.

b) winters: bold statement long neck pieces, give them 2-3 turns around neck and flaunt loose over your sweaters

c) Autumn: all for your wish in bright and bold colors

The Best Clothing Options

6) Tops:

a) Summers: cotton and natural fiber tops, wear loose clothing, drape light cottony multicolored scarves around neck

b) Winters: add multiple layers of clothing in complementary or contrast color tone to keep yourself warm, use mufflers or scarves and shawls around neck to keep warm and stylish

c) Monsoon: clothes that are made of thick fabrics so they don't get transparent when you enjoy the rains. use fast color clothing so you don't end up staining yourself

d) Autumn: all fabrics and fits blend well here

7) Lowers:

a) Summers: Wear loose and cotton trousers. Avoid Lycra and tight fitting clothes.

b) Monsoons: half length capris, shorts, and light weight fabrics are the best pick for this season

c) Winters: Thick fitted lowers and warm pants are ideal to wrap up in style

d) Autumn: Denims are the best for this season

For your Feet!

a) Summers: wear covered footwear with thin socks if you have tendency to get tanned, else wear open footwear with sweat absorbing soles

b) Winters: Boots, bellies, shoes, ankle boots, high heel boots, furry shoes, multicolored socks and calf covers

c) Autumn: flip-flops, bellies, shoes all will go well in this season

d) Monsoon: Wear flip-flops, and floaters without socks, this will keep your feet dry and free from any fungal infection.

Hope you find this style guide handy for all your seasonal style queries.

Seasons and style

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