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Vintage Fashion's Interesting Comeback

Updated on June 3, 2014

Women's Fashion Today

You will see one women wear a sock bun, cat eye sunglasses, an oversized, off the shoulder t-shirt while wearing leg warmers. Meanwhile, there is another woman wearing a boho chic hippie style long sleeve shirt, skinny jeans, and Birkenstocks. All of the styles for the last 60 years are combing into one really great versatile sense of style, which is making it easier to mix and match styles to get one really great style for you.

Fashion Through the Decades

Through the decades, you can look at the clothing worn by people in black and white movies up through the movie "Clueless" and be able to tell when the movie was made. Just by looking at the period's fashion, you can tell if it is the 1950's up through the 1990's. The 1950's cat's eye sunglasses and poofy skirts are always a dead giveaway along with dark lipstick and bouffant hairstyles. Of course, everything was bigger in the 1980's. The 1980's had a style all of its own, with the big feathered hairstyles, bright makeup, neon clothing, and leg warmers. Now, in the 2010's, all the styles from previous decades are colliding into one big fashion pot.

Vintage Dior 1954

Vintage Christian Dior from 1954
Vintage Christian Dior from 1954 | Source

Today's Version of Vintage

1950's Swing Dress
1950's Swing Dress | Source

Yesterday's Fashion and Today's Vintage

Classic vintage can consist of such looks as a form fitting top paired with a pleated skirt. The perfect example of yesterday's vintage is shown in the picture above. This look has been modernized as shown in the picture to the right. The sleeves are fitted and never puffy. This look goes perfectly with a pair of heels or wedges. A look that is now also very chic, is a look that is called Boho. This look consists of flowing shirts and skirts. Girls that are what is called "Boho Chic", also wear natural makeup and often wear flowers in their hair. The boho look is the modern day version of the "hippie look". Many fads of the 1980's are also becoming popular again. In the 80's, it was popular to wear off the shoulder oversized shirts and leg warmers. Recently, these looks are again chic. Many looks of yesterday are part of today's most treasured styles.

Flapper Fashion

1920's Fashion
1920's Fashion | Source

Needing vintage style inspiration? Watch this video!

Tips to Achieve Vintage Look

"What's so great about vintage?" you ask. Vintage is the best way for a woman on a budget to still be chic. There are the most amazing finds at thrift shops, flea markets, and even the Goodwill. You can even mix and match with new items. For example, you might have a new dress, but if you wear it with jewelry and a pair of shoes found at a thrift store, you have a whole new look.

Modern Fashion with a Vintage Flair

Vintage Fashion Photography
Vintage Fashion Photography | Source

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