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Fast Cars, Leather Gloves, Models in the Snow

Updated on November 8, 2011

I was touring around the South Island of New Zealand. Driving back from the West Coast to Canterbury over the Southern Alps is a magnificent and picturesque experience, and, a photographers dream. The harsh, daunting peaks mirror the natural beauty of the area. It had snowed the previous day and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. I pulled into Arthur's Pass for a coffee break, but didn't want to stay for long as it was cold and the wind was biting. Besides, I did not want to attract any of the local Kea population. These mischievous native parrots have a tendency for rubber and flashings and can reduce your car of much of its trimmings within minutes. That's when a voice behind me said, "Can you give me a lift into Christchurch".

She was wearing a fur coat, boots and leather gloves to match. I said "Sure, throw your bag in the back". She said "Thanks, I missed the train and need to be back in the city for a photoshoot tomorrow". As we were driving down the mountainside, I told her I had a camera and if she would mind us stopping to take some shots in the snow. She was delighted.

We pulled over at a siding where the backdrop was absolutely perfect. Picture perfect. I got out of the car with my Sony Digital while she adjusted her make-up in the vanity mirror. Now I am not much of a photographer but the scenery was idyllic and one could not help but take the best photos of such beauty. The area is a National Park with nearby skifields and good walking tracks. It is surrounded by beech forest but the area we chose for some photos was barren with snow-covered tussock...almost desert-like.

After some good photos, we headed further down the Pass until we reached a picnic area where we stopped, uncorked a bottle of red, she got changed into a dazzling outfit of leopard print and fingerless gloves to match, with brown boots. After more great shots, she changed again! This time into a dark leather coat with matching accessories. I never realized a woman could fit so many clothes into a shoulder bag. Mountain lilies provided an accessory. The Southern Alps provided the backdrop.

The Car:- '79 Corvette (not the original motor). Motor based on 420HP Edelbrock build up. 350ci oversize, 4 bolt mains, blueprinted and balanced with rods & crank shot-peened and polished. Edelbrock Performer alloy heads. Crane roller rockers & posi-locks. Edelbrock Performer Inlet manifold. Edelbrock Rocker Covers & Air Cleaner with K&N filter. HPC coat Eagle headers. Crane cam. Edelbrock Perf-link true roller timing chain. Edelbrock water pump. ARP head, crank & rod stud kit. 350 Chev race sump with baffle. StreetFire HEI. Taylor leads. Holley 600 carburettor. 350 turbo trans with shift kit & 2400rpm Hi-stall converter. Trans cooler and fan clutch.

The Model:- Monica


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