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Fat Face -All about Fat Face Ltd- history, philosophy, clothes & style, store locations, sales, jobs & opening hours

Updated on March 17, 2011

Fat Face History

Fat Face is a highly successful British casual wear retailing company, which started in1988, from very humble beginings. It's founders Jules Leaver and Tim Slade were skiers, skiing in France, but had run out of money. To raise cash to fund their skiing, they sold personal possessions such as their VW Camper Van and purchased plain t-shirts with the proceeds on which to print logos.

They eventually opened a store in Meribel, a French ski resort, and due to it's popularity with British skiing tourists decided to establish it's first store in the UK between 1992 and 1993 in Fulham, an affluent area of London.

From humble beginings, the company grew over time, and turnover has increased to regularly being over £100 million a year.

Fat Face Style and Philosophy

Fat Face no longer sells ski-wear and has successfully carved out a niche for itself within the casual wear market, selling clothes to both men, women and children who are interested in active lifestyles.

The company motto is "Life Is Out There" and it's philosophy runs along the lines of "Better a bad day on the slopes or the water, than a good day in the office" . While originally marketed as active outdoor clothing, it has also become a fashion brand in it's own right.

Whilst not cheap, their clothes are usually of good quality, and are often quite quirky, either being in a quirky print or featuring unusual design details. They have the usual casualwear basics such as jeans, leggings tee-shirts, and activewear, but there is usually a twist such as unusual buttons or a colourful lining detail. They also sell more interesting casualwear such as funky tunics to wear with leggings, skirts or jersey dresses in a quirky print.

Fat Face clothes are colourful, the colours are soft, there are no harsh or fluorescent colours and you will hardly see any black.

They also sell accessories such as Fat Face watches, bags, sunglasses, shoes, hats, scarves and gloves. Many of these items, for example the Fat Face watches are made specially for the company,

Fat Face Store Location

Fat Face has grown rapidly and currently has over 190 stores throughout the UK. It has quite a high profile on the British High Street, although many of it's stores can still be found in secondary shopping areas, which are usually quite quirky and local to it's target customers.

Fat Face also sells to independent boutiques and has concession stores within John Lewis.

Fat Face also has large shops at Airports such as London Heathrow and has spread to overseas countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, France, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates.

Fat Face also has two discount outlets stores, throughout the UK including one at Clarks Village, Street in Somerset, which offer Fat Face clothes at bargain prices.

Fat Face also has catalogues and a website and can deliver anywhere around the world.

Fat Face Sale

Like most fashion retailers, Fat Face holds four sales a year. The two main ones are the Winter and Summer sales which typically start within a few days after Christmas and towards the end of the summer. There are also two mid-season sales, which are smaller and these are usually held in the Spring and Autumn.

Fat Face Jobs

If you are interested in a career in retail, Fat Face is able to offer a lot of opportunities, from jobs in store ranging from Sales Advisors to Managers, to jobs at their Head Office and at one of their international stores. Fat Face is a rapidly growing company and employees are able to progress quickly within the company if they wish to.

Fat Face Opening Hours

Most Fat Face stores open 9.30 - 6.00 Monday to Saturday and 11.00- 5.00 on Sundays.The stores are open on all of the Bank Holidays except for Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

Where does the name Fat Face come from?

The name 'Fat Face' was inspired by Le Face, an Olympic black run in the skiing area of Val d' Isere in France.

Are you a fan of Fat Face?

Fat Face  is very lucky in that it has a large fan base of very loyal customers. If you are a fan of Fat Face , I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and learning a little about the company.

I have taken a look at products available on, which are similar in style to those sold in Fat Face. So if you are a Fat Face fan, please take a look at the items I have selected. I hope you like them.

If there are any that you are interested in, simply click on an item and you will be taken straight through to Amazon's website where you can view further details and make a purchase if you wish.


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