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Father's Day Hair Ideas - Men's Grooming Tips for Father's Day

Updated on June 29, 2013

This year Father's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 16th. I'm sure lot of you would be thinking of giving your Dad a nice present to celebrate fatherhood.

I believe, instead of gifting your Dad with a mug, homemade chocolates, necktie and other such traditional gifts, the best thing you can give this Father's Day is to give the gift of youth to your Dad.

Throughout the year, he works hard for the family and in the process he has no time to take care of himself. Due to constant work, he is stressed and often times his work gets better of him, but he doesn't complain.

If you can give your father a day to relax and de-stress himself in a beauty salon, trust me, this will be the best Father's Day gift to him.

Turn your Dad into Dude

How to do that? Visit a good hair salon in your nearby area and book an appointment in advance for your Dad. Tell the stylist what services you would want him/her to offer to your Dad. Once you've finalized the services, all you have to do is take your Dad to that salon either on Father's Day or on the day you have booked your appointment.

Check out the greatest hairstyles of all time for men if you're looking for men's hairstyling ideas. If your Dad doesn't like these, here are some Father's Day hair ideas, you can recommend your Dad to try out.

For Dad's with thinning hair

If your Dad has thin hair, a nice side-part will look great on him. You can also try coloring his hair, if he is ready for a makeover!

For Dad's with unkempt hair

Bed-head hair is one of the hottest hairstyles for men right now. If your Dad likes to keep his hair messy, your hairstylist should not have too much trouble in grooming him to get the right look!

For Dad's with grey hair

Grey hair is not just a sign that you're getting older. It is also a sign of success and prosperity. Think of John Slatterly or George Clooney and you'll realize how some of our male celebs use the grey hair color advantage to their favor.

For Dad's with bald hair

Choosing the right hairstyle for bald men can actually make a lot of difference. Consult with your hairstylist and transform your Dad (with bald hair) into a dude!


If your Dad wants to get a haircut, your hairstylist will surely be using hairstyling scissors but if he doesn't want to cut his hair and yet get a new look, you can either consider a coloring job or simply change his hairstyle.

In either case, you'll be giving your Dad the best gift possible — the gift of youth — by bringing back his natural hair color!


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