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All About The Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Updated on July 22, 2011

First Popular Faux Hawk

The first faux hawk hairstyle came about in the early 2000s as a fake, modernized alternative to the punk rock mohawk and frohawk, made popular in later years by famous celebrities such as David Beckham. The faux hawk is also referred to as the Hoxton fin throughout certain parts of London, England.

David Beckham's faux hawk hairstyle
David Beckham's faux hawk hairstyle

Type of Faux Hawk

Faux hawk styles often entail shorter lengths along the sides of the head and longer sections in the middle, versus the original mohawk's style of having the sides of the head entirely shaved. Faux hawks are also often shorter in the middle section than the traditional mohawk, and can also be styled in varying directions, rather than aiming for a straight up-and-down look.

One of the great things about a faux hawk is its versatility. Due to the often shorter lengths when compared to the mohawk, faux hawks can be worn in an acceptable manner that can easily be worn within a working environment, even for more business-related type jobs. Hair can often be kept shorter for a less intrusive look, all while style in a modest hawk style, or slicked bad whenever necessary. It's also excellent no matter what type of style that a person might have.

Faux hawks can also be worn in more symmetrical cut, with varying lengths such as a taller front mid-section that tappers to short lengths when going toward the back of the hair. Lengths at the back and sides of the head can also vary, even going as far as a mullet-style backing. On the other hand, some may have longer sides than the norm or closely-cut sides, depending on their preference.

These type of hawks are often done using clippers, only with blades that are fairly long so as not to make contact with the skin. The person controlling the clippers will generally work both a pair of clippers and a wide-toothed comb, holding the comb slightly above the curvature of the head at the side. They would then hold the clippers flush to the side of the head, working up until meeting the comb and often followed with an outward motion.

How to Create Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The lengths and shapes added to the hair can vary, as the overall style itself is completely versatile. For those who are also a little more lively, they can also choose to go with a bit of color, whether highlights or tinting, in order to give more structure to the hair. Some people also tend to like the fact that the style can be worn symmetrically or messed up all together, even allowing for the daring few to do their own haircut or that of a friend.

Some stylists often suggest using the fingers in order to get the desired shape, while others may use a brush. Texture-based products such as medium-hold pomade are also suggested to use in order to style already dried hair.

When it comes to overall techniques many prefer to create their faux hawk hairstyle by messing up their and then pulling the hawk section in an upward motion until they get the look that that they want. Others who may have a more slanted-style hawk, bearing shorter lengths at the back, occasionally prefer to brush the front section forward to shape the hawk, while pulling the back section up straight with their fingers. Either way, there are numerous style options that can be researched online, by asking your stylist or simply experimenting.


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    • profile image

      Craig Burkheimer 6 years ago

      I have a Faux Hawk but I did not have my hair trimed to do it. My hair also has no jell or oil in it. TO tady at school is 80's day so I went with the Faux Hawk.