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Faux Shearling Coats for Men and Women

Updated on January 16, 2015

Faux shearling coats for men and shearling coats for women are very similar but do have certain discrepancies.  Shearling comes from the sheepskin that has gone through very limited amount of processing in order to preserve its natural quality. However, the stock and ethic of harvesting large amounts of shearling is not always viable throughout the year. As a result, a faux shearling coat or faux shearling jacket is the perfect solution to this problem.

Men’s shearling coats are generally similar to that of a suede shearling coat due to the environment that it is perceived to be used for. As a result, a mens shearling coat are more rugged to withstand harsher climates. Long faux shearling coat is another variety of faux shearling jackets and can also work with the addition of a hooded coat design. 

Discount shearling coats are easy to find online especially ones that are seasonal and go out of season. An example would be thick shearling sheepskin coats or fur coats having their prices slashed during summer seasons.


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