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Compelling and Unusual Feather Tattoos

Updated on March 1, 2018

Feather tattoos are fascinating in that they're embraced in numerous ways as far as where they're placed on the body, possibly being among the largest variety of placements of the majority of tattoo themes I've seen.

A couple of things with feathers, is the ladies by far prefer them above men, and probably 90 percent or more either have a Native America look and feel or a peacock. There are exceptions, but that's easily the most popular.

As to where they're placed, as you'll see below, because of the shape of a feather, they lend themselves to places the majority of other tattoos can't go or don't look good. For example, behind the ear is popular, and some even have them on the sides of their fingers because of the slender shape.

When looking for feather tattoo designs, I thought I would find them in a large number of scenes, as it was thought feathers would be easy to adapt to a number of areas. But interestingly, most that I have been able to find are standalone.

You just never know the tastes and outcomes you will get when researching tattoos. That's why it's never boring and you can always be surprised.

We'll start off with one of the more unique feather tattoos I found, and I love the color of this along with the water droplets as well. I like the simplicity and overall look of this one.

Feather Tattoos on Back

The fun and playful look of birds flying out of the feather is also very popular with this tattoo them. I particularly like this design, as the shadowing is great, and of course the shadow at the bottom, to me, is awesome. Goes great with the birds.

Feather Tattoo and Birds

While this peacock feather tattoo is awesome in every way, what really stands out is the way it is presented in this photo, which in itself is a piece of art, as you notice the background the woman is looking into, which was specifically set up to work with the tattoo and design.

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Back

Does this peacock tattoo stand out or what. The colors are fantastic and that swirling going around the side is amazing to me. Normally I don't like tattoos you can't see when you look straight at them, but the scrolling in this case really works.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Lower Back

This is a beautiful peacock tattoo. I'm not sure I would want one all the way down the length of my leg, as it could interfere with a lot of ways you may want to look. But still fantastic as far as a piece of art goes.

Peacock Tattoo on Leg

Fans of feathers and dream catchers will love this one It's very well done and really captures the reality and essence of the subject matter.

Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo

Another Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo

These band tattoos can look terrific like this one does, and that piece of metal in the middle which looks like it's shining is amazing. Those hanging beads are also great.

Band Feather Tattoo

The next three photos are of feather tattoos placed on smaller areas of the body. My favorite of these by far is the feather on the finger. Although it is difficult to see, it would be a great conversation starter, and fun to show off when asked about it.

The wrist to me is never a good place to put a tattoo because of job considerations.

These are really fun tattoos below. They work for me, especially on ladies, they can be hidden by the hair (assuming it's long enough), and can be displayed whenever the occasion demands or warrants. Pretty cool.

Behind-the-ear Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoos are a great theme and design to display body art. They are very versatile, and are almost limitless as to the variety that could be developed. Add to that the shape of the theme, which lends itself to being placed almost anywhere on the body, and it's a lot of fun to think of ways that could be done.


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